It was the summer of 1998.

I still had a job and was working with my very first coach.

I hired her a couple of months before to work on my 2 major goals:

  1. To find out what it was I truly wanted with my work. What kind of work felt meaningful and fulfilling for me?
  1. AND I wanted to find out why I didn’t know that yet. What stood in the way of me already knowing (and doing) this?


That summer, my block became clear:

It was this HUGE fear that IF I finally knew what made my heart sing and then failed at it…..that was it. Then there was nothing left but stupid boring meaningless jobs for the rest of my life.

NOT knowing what I wanted felt better, because then at least there was hope:

Hope that one day, I’d find whatever it was that made me want to jump out of bed each day.

But knowing it, going for it, and then FAILING at it?

That was the end of EVERYTHING.


Once I realized that this was my fear, I decided that the BEST way through this fear was to do the ONE thing I feared most at that time.

Which was to quit my awful job, without having another job, without having a lot of money in the bank, and without any kind of other income stream.

That scared me absolutely shitless.

So I quit my job.

I had enough money to last 3 months, and I simply trusted I’d find something in time.

Which, of course, I did: exactly ONE day before the 3 months were over and the end of my money was there 🙂


Deciding to hire that coach (and taking out a loan to pay for it because I didn’t have the money for it) had been a stretch already.

But this leap took my stretching qualities to my then max 🙂


I took many leaps and faced numerous fears since then – and still do.

That’s simply what growth requires: to stretch out of the person you were and into a bigger version of yourself.

Sometimes little stretches are enough, sometimes a BIG stretch is called for.

But stretching itself?

Is ALWAYS necessary.


Lately I’m stretching in ‘little’ and ‘big’ ways almost constantly again.

Because I’m shifting into new territory. A new phase. Another bigger version of myself.

And stretching is part of it.

At first, I felt like resisting it.

I was tired of this constant shifting, growing, changing and transforming.


But I want to grow.

I want that next level!

So now I’m doing two things:

  1. Surrender to every stretch I encounter, AND
  1. Actively look for opportunities to stretch myself. DAILY.


Small stretches are fine. EVERY little step outside of what’s normal for you helps you open up and grow:

A new hairdo.

Trying out a new recipe.

Taking a different route.

Saying YES to something that feels uneasy (but you want it.)

Saying NO to something you don’t want to (even though it feels scary.)

Speaking up when you’d normally say nothing.

Posting that blog that feels vulnerable.

Asking for something you wouldn’t normally ask for. Doing more Facebook Lives.

ALL of it helps you grow.

Little stretches and shifts often bring you as much as Big Fat Leaps do.


The more you stretch yourself, the easier it becomes (and the more courageous you become!)

The more you stretch, the more you grow.

And the more YOU grow?

The more your BUSINESS grows.

Because your business can only grow as far as you can let it.


Do you want to grow your business?

Your impact? Your reach? Your mastery in your work?


Whatever you want to change or achieve: it takes YOU to change and grow FIRST.

It takes you to stretch and dare things you normally don’t do.

Little things.

And big(ger) things.


Are you stretching yourself enough to allow your growth to happen?

It’s easy to know if you are:

Look at how you feel.

Look at where your business is at compared to a year ago.

Look at where YOU are at compared to a year ago.


Doing what you always did will bring you more of what you already have.

It’s time to shake things up and STRETCH yourself, baby 😉


How will you stretch yourself today?

And what’s ONE big leap you KNOW is waiting for you?



You’ve done it before.

You can do it again.



And enjoy the space, power, freedom and growth it brings you.








P.S.: Ready to shake things up and take a (big) leap in your business?

Maybe I can help.

Check out my 1-1 coaching here.



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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