Imagine that you’re hungry, and you’re standing in front of a huge buffet:

Table after table after table filled with the most delicious, exquisite foods.

As you walk along the tables, your hunger grows.

You see so much food:

Foods you dislike. 

Foods you don’t know.

And foods that you love.


You want something to eat.

You want it BAD.

It all looks so good!

You can see all that food.

You can smell it.

You can easily imagine how it feels to eat some of it – and your mouth waters in advance.


You are READY to eat.

So ready! 

The desire is there.

The hunger is there.

You have an empty plate in your hand.

There’s cutlery, and napkins, and a place to sit and enjoy your food.

There are drinks to accompany the food.

You KNOW you want to eat and you can IMAGINE, so clearly, what it’s like to actually eat some of this glorious food.


EVERYTHING you need to eat is present.

But you’re still hungry.

You’re still not eating.

Your plate is still empty.

You’re still wishing and wanting.



So why are you still hungry when you want this SO bad?

When you feel so ready to eat?

When you know you want food?

And everything you need to eat is in in front of you already?

How is that possible?


Because you didn’t CHOOSE. 

You didn’t DECIDE. 

You wish, you want, you desire, you imagine.

But you did not choose yet.

You didn’t pick a dish.

And you didn’t scoop ANY food onto your plate.


That’s why you’re still hungry.

That’s why your plate is still empty. 

That’s why you’re still wanting but not having.


Pretty straightforward, right?

In this example it’s so easy to see why your wish is not fulfilled.

But when it comes to other desires?

It’s not always that easy to see.


But the missing link between wanting and having is often the same:

You didn’t CHOOSE it yet.

You didn’t DECIDE.

You’re stuck in waiting, in wishing, in fantasizing, in imagining.

But you don’t choose.

You don’t shift into a decisive mode and declare that this is not only what you want, but what you’ll HAVE, too.


Until you CHOOSE it, nothing happens.

Until you DECIDE what you want, and you commit to take the actions that are yours to take to let this unfold…..

Nothing changes.


If there’s something you want and you’re not seeing much movement towards it, ask yourself:

Did I CHOOSE to have this yet?


And did I follow the inspired nudges that ALWAYS come up next?


If not, you know what to do instead of continue to want, continue to wait, continue to wish.

You gotta choose, baby.

You gotta decide.

And today is the perfect day to do that.

There’s no time like the present after all 😉


Happy choosing!

And remember:

Be true to YOU in everything you do.







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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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