The source of your abundance is NOT outside of you (another person / program / circumstances / material possessions, etc.).

The source of your abundance is inside of you.


The same is true for money:

The source of money is NOT outside of you. (a thing you sell / the work you do / your business).

It’s INSIDE of you.

YOU are the source of your abundance, money, prosperity – of anything and everything, really.

NOT your business or anything else you do for money.


So if you want more money, there’s NO POINT trying to chase it or try and reel it in from somewhere outside of you.

That’s not how it works.

If you want more money, you need to go INSIDE.

And yes, sometimes the next step is to take an action in the outside world.

But the REAL source of it?

You find INSIDE yourself.


Go within.


Ask yourself:

How can I allow more money into my life?

What do I need to let go of?

What do I need to step into?

What do I need to do or stop doing?

What needs more love?


Listen. Observe. Act. Repeat.

Focus on this BEFORE you take any actions you think will bring you more money,

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

But if you listen to your SOUL’S guidance?

Everything can work out in the most miraculous ways for you.


Don’t forget: you’re a powerful, divine, limitless being.

Start tapping into that power and LIVE from that perspective more and more.

That’s the answer to all your questions.

And the source of EVERYTHING you want and need.


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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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