When was the last time you admired someone for:
Hiding her real self from the world?
Not speaking her mind?
Hiding her opinions?
Ignoring her dreams and settle for what she thinks she can get?
Being a complete fake?
Always putting herself last, even when that caused her great stress and lead her to almost burn herself out?
Not living her purpose?
I can tell you exactly when that last time was:
The women you admire are the exact opposite of this.
They are strong, independent women who are true to themselves and show up as who they really are.
They speak their minds and voice their opinions.
They are scared sometimes but move forward anyway.
They are powerful and empower others, too.
Those are the women you admire.
Those are the women you wish you were more like.
And you know what?
You already ARE her.
Even if you don’t currently feel like that or live like that:
🔥You are strong.
🔥You are powerful.
🔥You know who you are and what you want – and you’re capable of going after it.
🔥You have opinions and are able to voice them.
🔥You have a purpose and you can surrender to it, lean into it, CHOOSE it.
🔥You may be scared but you’re capable of moving forward anyway.
🔥You are whole.
🔥You are infinite.
You are so much more than your small, human self.
And whatever you desire?
You are capable of receiving.
Stop thinking of yourself as small.
Stop being a woman you don’t admire.
Start being all of who you truly are, and show up accordingly.
You CAN do it.
In doing so, you inspire others to be more of themselves as well.
It’s time.
And you’re ready.
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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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