Don’t push or force yourself.  


Here’s why:


When you feel you don’t want to do something, it’s for one of those 2 reasons:

#1: It’s not aligned with you, meaning:

  • It’s not the right time to do this, or
  • It’s not the right thing for you to do at all.


#2 You resist this specific action because of an underlying fear or doubt that blocks you.


In case it’s reason #1:

Don’t do it. Always follow what’s right for you.

And when you force yourself to do something that’s not right for you?

You won’t get the outcome you desire. And IF you do, the road towards it is more difficult and unpleasant than necessary.

In case it’s reason #2:

Go inside and feel what’s going on: 

Explore what you’re resisting and why.

Explore the cost and benefits of both NOT taking this action, and of taking it.

Connect to the underlying reason why taking this action matters to you.

(For example: you may not feel like doing your workout. But you do it anyway because you choose to feel fit and strong.)


When you take the time to explore (and shift) your inner world, you will get to the point where you can take the action WITHOUT pushing yourself.

It might still feel uncomfortable or scary, but underneath that fear you also feel why it’s right for you to do it anyway.

Pushing through your resistance and fears is possible, but never a good option – and completely unnecessary when you do the inner work I described above.


Why it’s not a good option?

Because it feels bad. 

And because resistance, forcing and pushing have the same limiting effects:

It blocks your intuition.

It stops you from seeing opportunities and options.

It blocks your ability to receive great insights or come up with smart ways to do something.

It creates friction and stress that block you even more. 

It lowers your energy and vibration that not only feels bad, but also negatively impacts your results.

And it’s the ENERGY underneath your actions that determines your results – much more than the actions themselves.


The ‘trick’ of course is knowing if you resist something because of fear, or because the action or timing aren’t right. 

Here’s how you know:

Ask yourself:

What would I do if I feared nothing and trusted that everything always works out for me?

Be honest.  Listen to whatever comes up. Act accordingly.


Until you’re clear on what’s going on: don’t push yourself through it.

It doesn’t work.

And it isn’t necessary.


To clarity,

And flow,

And being true to you in everything you do,







P.S.: Moving through resistance, fears and blocks is not always easy….if you do it alone. 

But you need to move through them somehow, because these obstacles are the exact (and ONLY!!) things that stand between you and the business & life you (secretly) dream of.

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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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