It sounds so easy, doesn’t it: to be true to yourself.

I mean: what could possibly be easier than be who you are?

Well, it might be easy in theory, but in practice, it’s not.



Because we’ve all been conditioned away from ourselves.

We’ve all grown up in pretty structured conditions that everyone had to fit themselves into:

When it was time to go to school, you went to school.

If math was on the agenda for Monday morning 9 o’clock, you were doing math Monday morning 9 o’clock.

Whether you felt like it or not.

Whether it was aligned with your soul or your flow or not.


This kind of conditioning went on for years and years. 

At school, in jobs, and at university. 

Not to mention the conditioning you received to behave just like the others in all groups you were in.

You’ve been taught many things about How Things Are Done ; What’s Normal and What’s Not; What’s Accepted and What’s Not.


As a result, it’s difficult for most people to be true to themselves – and especially to build their ENTIRE business around who they truly are.

It triggers all kinds of questions and doubts.

ALL of the messages and beliefs you took on from others that are NOT aligned with YOUR truth, show up IN YOUR FACE now.

They show up in questions and concerns like for example:


  • I can’t do this, or others will think I’m weird /crazy / stupid /….fill in whatever you really don’t want others to think about you;


  • Can I really be like this in my business? (In my own case I wondered for example: is it really OK to work with people – and be completely peopled out and want them ALL to get AWAAAAAYYYYYY from me when I’m around people for more than a couple of hours per week?)


  • Why can’t I just do this or be like that? What’s wrong with me?


You received so many messages about how things should work and how you should be, that you started doubting your OWN way and who you truly ARE.

And when you decide to be more you, to show up as yourself, and to build your business around that (instead of changing who you are or compromising on what you want), you’ve got to deal with all the inner stuff that gets stirred up as a result. 


It’s a real detox to let go of your old stories and conditioning.

And sometimes that’s painful.

Because you now see how and where you denied yourself to be you.

And you can ALSO see the attraction of conforming and fitting in:

That often feels safer. And easier – in the short term at least.


It takes courage to be true to yourself.

It takes a deep level of trust in yourself to go against the norm.

To feel like you’re being different or weird.

Because when you feel different or weird?


The voice that tells you that you’re not good enough usually shows up as well.

That’s a voice you’d rather not hear.

It’s painful.


But the solution is NOT to adjust and do like others do in order to feel like you fit in.

The solution is to accept yourself FIRST – and once you do that, fitting in (or not) is no issue anymore.


When you go your own way, detoxing from old conditioning and beliefs about yourself is ALWAYS part or the process. And that ALWAYS triggers (some) doubts about yourself and how you do things.

Don’t see these triggers as a sign to stop being true to you. 

See them as a sign to explore:


  • What wants to be seen, healed and accepted inside you, and


  • What YOUR truth on this topic is – regardless of what others think or do.


Even when something is true for EVERYONE on this planet….it can STILL be a wrong for you.


So the next time you wonder if you’re doing enough; if you’re doing it good enough; if there’s something wrong with you; if you should stop doing this or should really start doing that, ask yourself this:

Is this my conditioning speaking?

Or my truth?

Let go of your conditioning. (unless it’s aligned with your truth!)

And always follow your truth.


Happy detoxing, baby!

It sets you free to be true to you in everything to you do.







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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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