There’s no need to fear your FULL power.

Yet that’s what many women do.

No wonder: we’ve all been conditioned to tone it down and, god forbid, seem bossy, powerful or too confident – it makes us less likeable.

And we’re ALSO conditioned to believe that being liked is of Extreme Importance to women.

(It is not. And when you are true to you? The right people will like you.

The ones that don’t matter to you anyway might not like you much – but so what?

When YOU like you, and the people you love like you, who cares?)

It’s high time to say goodbye to this old conditioning.

Those who don’t like you because you’re too much or too strong?

They are not your friends.

They don’t truly love you (their love is VERY conditional at best.)

And they’re not your ideal clients.

You can also let go of the fear that your power will be too much for you to handle.

No, it won’t.

You were BORN with your power intact.

You are MEANT to have full access to it.

You are WIRED to allow it in, fully, completely.

You WON’T crash and burn if you allow yourself to be ALL of you and embrace ALL of your power and who you really are.

Your soul won’t let you crash and burn.

She’ll give you access to the exact amount of power you are capable of handling today.

She’ll show you were to grow, transform and heal to become able to embrace more of your Divine Self, more of your power.

And when you’re ready to receive and embrace more of it?

You’ll receive more of it.

So where do you start if you long to fully own your power?

1. Decide to embrace it, ALL of it.

2. Look at where you currently give away your power, and stop doing that. (Step by step is fine.)

3. Allow the process that comes next. Let your soul handle it. She will give you nudges and inspiration on what’s next. FOLLOW THOSE NUDGES AND ACT ON THEM.

That’s it.

That’s all.

And the moment you decide?

Is the moment you instantly gain a truckload of power.

To your FULL power,

and being true to you in everything you do,



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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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