This picture shows you exactly what I was in the mood for:

An old-fashioned ranty blog post 😉

Plus: why should you laugh in every picture anyway?!

OK, back to the blog post:


I don’t usually write ranty posts.

The occasional one, yes. But in general?


Not that I don’t rant, mind you.

Hell, I can rant like no other!

But I usually only show that side in conversations with friends, family, Arjen, and clients.


But showing that ranty side full out in my writing?

Nah. A sentence here, the occasional blog post there, but that’s it.

And no, that’s no coincidence.

That’s subconsciously deliberate. (Yes, that’s possible.)


’Cause a part of me still fears I’ll be judged and people won’t like it – which I’m fine with in general, by the way.

But I don’t want to alienate the women I work with or the women I feel my message is meant for.

Because how can I fulfill my mission (and make money!) when I alienate the very people my message is meant for?

Apparently, a part of me fears that might happen.

And apparently, that fear influences my (subconscious) decisions on what I write about.

It doesn’t impact it much: I write about A LOT of things I used to avoid years ago.

About my spirituality and total woo-woo side. About energy and all kinds of things I believe (or don’t) believe in that aren’t completely standard or normal.

But…there’s still a lingering inner censor inside me that tries to influence what I write and how I write it.




Because I choose to be true to me – to ALL of me – and show up as my true self in business and life.

Because that’s also what I preach and teach.

Because it matters to me that I walk my talk.

Because I choose to live from my soul AND fully embrace my human self.

(Which is the part of me that rants, of course. My soul doesn’t rant. She’s loving and gentle and sees the higher perspective of everything.)

And because I ALWAYS look at how and where I can be even more true to me, embrace more of who I am, and let go of even more inner limits.


That’s why I wrote that ranty post and will put it on my blog later today.

(You can read it here.)

And why I posted this update* on my blog as well. 

(*I wrote this on Instagram and Facebook first before I posted it here, too.)

Because I’m not the only one who (still) censors herself – if only a little bit.


You may do that, too.

And reading this might inspire you to see where you are still holding back or hiding out.

Even when you think you’re not:

There’s always more YOU to embrace.

And there are always more inner limits to shatter.


Be true to YOU in everything you do,







©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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