I recently read this in one of the card decks from Alana Fairchild:

…” The soul task of divine alchemists is to repair the damage that fear-based consciousness has generated in the world.”


I believe this is a soul task of all lightworkers, change-bringers and healers.

Fear-based thinking has created ALL the problems we see in our world today.

It created the world as we know it today.

And it is NOT the thinking that can create a new world.


A new world is created from new thinking and a new consciousness.

A consciousness that knows that you ARE consciousness, expressing itself in human form.

That you’re connected to everything and anything else.

That you’re inseparably one with everything.


From knowing that you’re one with all-that-is, you automatically serve ALL of life when you put yourself (your SOUL!) first.

Because there is no separation.

Helping yourself is helping others.

Healing yourself is healing others.


But you need new thinking and a new consciousness in order to SEE this, to KNOW this, and to ACT and LIVE from this.

You need to shift OUT of fear-based thinking and INTO love-based, wholeness-based thinking.

And in doing so, helping OTHERS make this shift, too.


That’s (part of) the task of ALL lightworkers and healers.

And the place to start is, as always, with everything, with YOU.

So if you feel that you’re a lightworker, a change-bringer, a healer – whether you call yourself any of this, or not; you simply know that you’re born to bring change and contribute to a better world – the starting point of ALL your work is YOU.

By being aware of your own thinking – and notice where your thoughts come from scarcity, lack and fear.

By noticing where you believe something without questioning if this is REALLY true for you.

By noticing where you close your mind – and where you can open it next.

By noticing where you limit yourself, your thinking, or what you believe is possible.


By noticing where you come from fear, instead of from your SOUL.

(Yes. Fears NEVER come from your soul. Fears only, and ALWAYS, come from your fear-based mind and your survival driven human-ness. Your soul knows it cannot die, there’s only life, it’s already whole and there’s nothing to fear.)

And by shifting and healing those thoughts that are old-world, fear-based, and limit your potential and change-making capacities.


Upgrading your thinking and consciousness lifts the consciousness of the whole.

Your healing contributes to the well-being of the whole.

And everything you clear inside you, raises not just your own vibration but the vibration of the whole as well.


ALL change starts INSIDE YOU FIRST.

And everything you wish to change in the world, you need to heal and shift INSIDE YOU first.

That is (part of) the task of every lightworker, change-bringer and healer.


Your mission starts with you and inside you.

Enjoy your mission, fellow change-maker 🙂







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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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