Marketing is something many mission-driven entrepreneurs struggle with:

  • “It’s hard!
  • I’m afraid to make myself visible!
  • I don’t know HOW to do it!  
  • I don’t want to be salesy, sleazy, slimy, or put any pressure on anyone!  
  • I don’t want to do …..fill in whatever marketing-related strategy you’re not willing to do
  • I don’t want people to think I’m …..fill in whatever you fear people might think of you…. 

I just want to help people and do my thing and have clients come to me automatically!”

To name just a few things I used to think about marketing myself – and heard from many, MANY clients.


Marketing is just one of those topics that pushes ALLLLL the buttons and triggers ALLLLLL the things.

Whatever doubts you have about yourself, your business, and your work; making yourself visible; money; getting clients; getting results; failure; success; self-worth; self-confidence…….it ALL gets triggered.


BUT…avoiding marketing does NOT make those underlying fears & doubts go away!

They remain intact, influencing how you feel and what you do AND the results you get 24/7 – whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

Avoiding marketing doesn’t make ANY of your issues go away.


And it adds NEW issues as well:

Having difficulty getting clients and making enough money.

Frustration of not being able to all help the people you know you can help. 

Not seeing the results you desire (or need!).

Putting so much time and effort in getting good at your craft…..and then not being able to make much of a difference with it because you’re not reaching enough people….

Wondering what you’re doing wrong and how you can ever change that….


But here’s the thing: marketing itself is NOT hard – it’s the underlying issues that makes it hard.

And you can ONLY grow your business past a certain point when you ADDRESS those issues instead of tiptoeing around them!!!

Yep. It’s true:


Your underlying issues, problems, fears, doubts & insecurities WILL undermine you and hold you back – both in your marketing AND in your entire business & life – until you ADDRESS them.

And the beauty of it is, that you don’t have to go looking for those issues.

You don’t have to wonder what they are or how to find them:

All you have to do is be consciously aware of your thoughts.

To LOOK AT whatever doesn’t feel good or gets triggered inside you.


And when you look at whatever it is that triggers or bothers you about marketing?

You have found THE reasons why your business isn’t growing as much or as fast as you’d like; why getting clients is harder than you wish; and why you’re not FULLY going for your (business) dreams – even though you really want to! 

Looking at it is one thing, though.

Addressing it in constructive ways is another. (Just wallowing in pity or drama or constantly repeating how hard/unfair/so not fun it is, is NOT going to help.)

But when you DO that? You heal.


You liberate yourself from a truckload of inner shit that holds you back in ALL areas of your business and life.

Oh, and marketing? Is no issue any more either!

Marketing heals you – if you choose AND let it.

Marketing liberates you – if you choose AND let it.

Well, more precisely:

If you WORK WITH WHATEVER is in your face and bothering you already.

(Which is ALWAYS the way to healing, liberation, growth, and more LIFE, LOVE, FREEDOM and JOY.)


And since you have a business already…and you want to get clients and make a difference already…and you crave more freedom and inner peace already….why not use your marketing to HELP HEAL YOU?

Just a thought, baby 😉

But if you choose it?

I promise you, it WILL heal you, liberate you, and help both you and your business grow!

It did for me. And for more many of my clients.


Does this mean you can only grow once ALL your issues are healed or transformed?

God no!

You can grow AND heal AND learn AND make progress AND get better results ALL at the same time.

You can feel fear and have doubts and not fully believe in yourself and STILL make progress and get results.


Does this mean you need to do MORE marketing if you want to grow?

Not necessarily, no.

But maybe you’ll WANT to do more of it, who knows?

(For real! Wait until you read my next article about allll the things marketing can do for you AND your potential clients to find out why maybe YOU suddenly want to do more marketing too!

And no, this is not just about reaching more people so you can help more people and make a bigger difference. Yes, that’s part of it but BY FAR not all of it.)


Does this mean you have to go on a looooonnnnggggg, painful, or heavy journey to address those issues? 

Absolutely not! 

It can feel uncomfortable at times – but you feel uncomfortable at times any way, whether you address whatever is going on inside you or not.


It’s a matter of LOOKING AT what’s already going on inside you instead of LOOKING AWAY from it.

And addressing it from a place of love, empathy, kindness, and curiosity.

Sometimes really LOOKING at it is all that’s needed to shift some stuff that’s been bothering you.


Addressing it instead of running away from it, will light you up and make you feel better.

And when you feel better?

Your results get better, too.

(Because it’s your ENERGY that determines your results WAY MORE than your actions do!!!)


Your marketing can help YOU grow at least as much as it can grow your business.

And it can help heal the blocks that stand in the way of creating the business you truly want.

Isn’t that an exciting reason to embrace marketing instead of resisting or struggling with it? 

Yeah…I thought so 😉


To healing, growth, and freedom, 

And of course,

To being true to you in EVERYTHING you do – including your marketing.






P.S.: YES, your marketing can heal others, too!!!

Which is just ONE of the things you can decide to use your marketing for. 

I’ll share more ideas on the many different ways you can use marketing that might make you super excited about marketing in a new article tomorrow!


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