Don’t run away from your restlessness.
It’s not something to fear or look away from.
It’s an invitation.
🔦An invitation to shine light on old pains, old wounds, old doubts and fears underneath the surface of your awareness, asking you to look at it so they can heal.
Can shift into a new truth.
And they longer need to bother you or fight for your attention to be finally set free.
🔦An invitation to see what’s still true for you now and what no longer resonates with the person you are today.
To see what you once mistook as truth, but was actually never true at all – a realization that will open up your life in spaces you didn’t even knew were contracted or closed off.
🔦An invitation to see where you can love yourself more, nourish yourself more, BE yourself more.

Every form of restlessness and unease is a gift trying to be accepted by you.

Receive it.
It may feel more uncomfortable at first and trigger more inner resistance and unrest when you sit down and just BE and OBSERVE what’s going on inside you.
Inside your mind.
Just stay with it.
Be brave – you are strong enough to do this.
It passes. The energy shifts.
Shadows disappear where lights are turned on.
Shine the light on whatever causes you unease right now.
Shine the light on what’s going on inside you right now, period.
And observe. Notice. Feel.
From a place of curiosity, empathy, and interest to find out what’s driving your behaviors, your feelings and your patterns from underneath the surface.
Turn the lights on bright inside you…
and receive the breakthroughs, the healing, the RELIEF that’s ALWAYS on the other side of it.
And P.S.:
Know that when you recognize this restlessness that you are NOT alone!!
It’s in the air.
And if you’re someone who is dedicated to her own growth and liberation?
This is DEFINITELY a time where everything that’s in the way of growth and more freedom comes up to the surface.
The times, they are changing, baby.
And YOU are changing, too – just flow with it instead of resist it.
You’ll be glad you did!!
(Plus it saves you a fuckton of energy!)
And, as always,
be true to you in EVERYTHING you do.

©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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