If there’s one thing that triggers a lot of resistance in business, it’s marketing.

Maybe in you as well.

Because you feel marketing is dirty. Unethical. Sleazy and dishonest.

Because it scares you to make yourself visible.

Or it feels uncomfortable to sell yourself – as it often feels when you’re a solopreneur.

The result of resisting marketing?

A lack of results, mainly.

Not making enough money – which brings you a shitload of stress.

(Or making enough money, but not being happy about the way you make it.)

Plus the SUPER frustrating feeling of not making enough of a difference. 

You are SO driven to share the change you bring with the people it’s meant for…but you’re not reaching (enough of) them.

The solution is NOT to start marketing more – or try yet another new strategy.


The solution is to start on the INSIDE first.

You ALWAYS have to make changes on the inside BEFORE your outer world can change.

So let’s start with that right here, right now, shall we?

With these 3 marketing mindset shifts:

#1 Marketing = making a difference.

I know.

You can find tons of examples where marketing makes this world a worse place instead of a better one.

And you can find millions of examples of people and industries that market in ways that are unethical, dishonest, and a total load of useless bullshit.

But that’s THEIR choice.

YOU are free to choose what YOUR marketing brings to this world:

More crap?

Or more good?

You can CHOOSE to let your marketing make a difference.

By sharing insights and value. By teaching and inspiring people. 

It’s YOUR choice. 

You’re the boss, remember?

Choose to make your marketing ONE of the ways you make a difference in this world, and it will.

Choose to deliver value through your marketing, and it will.

How cool is that?!

#2 Marketing = a highway to personal growth.

EVERYTHING you fear, resist or reject is a doorway to a breakthrough.

An invitation to explore what you are ready to let go of, take a stand for, or lean into. 

A possibility to learn and grow.

So when you see someone do marketing in a way you detest?

Use it as information to determine what DOES feel good to you, and which values you choose to honor in your marketing.

Afraid that you’re sending too many emails or post too many updates on Social Media?

Explore where else in your business (or life) you’re afraid that you’re too much.

Explore what exactly you fear will happen when you keep doing what you’re doing.

Feel like you can’t be yourself in your marketing?

Ask yourself why you think this is true (and if you REALLY believe that).

Explore where else you feel you can’t be completely yourself.

Explore what part(s) of yourself you’re not fully accepting yet.

EVERY single thing that bothers, annoys, triggers or scares you is a doorway to a breakthrough.

And the bigger your resistance / fear / trigger is, the bigger the breakthrough that’s available to you!

#3 You can’t go wrong if your energy is right.

Your energy trumps your actions.


If you come from your heart, it doesn’t matter if your copy is clunky. 

If your intention is to genuinely connect with people, it doesn’t matter if your website doesn’t look pretty. Or you don’t have a logo. Or professional photos. Or a pretty brand.

When you come from your heart; you feel good about what you do & how you do it; and your words and actions are aligned with your personality & soul?

You WILL attract the right people: the ones who resonate with you and your work.

They will sense and feel that YOU are their go-to-person.

And they will want what you offer.

Even when your marketing isn’t ‘perfect’ or your copy isn’t polished.

Be you.

Do you.

Make your own rules.

That’s most important when it comes to marketing, really.

(And to business.)

(And to life.)

Be true to you in everything you do, baby, 



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