Here’s a tip one of my coaches taught me once when I was stressing out over my marketing and getting clients.

And I’ve been giving the same tip to my own 1-1 clients numerous times since:

When in doubt, focus out.

Here’s what that means:

When you stress out over your marketing and /or getting clients, it’s usually because of doubts like these:

  • What if no one likes my program / my blog / my free call / my……?
  • What if they think I email too often?
  • What if people don’t like me?
  • What if they think it’s too expensive?
  • What if no one buys or signs up, how will I be able to pay the bills this month?
  • Etc. etc.


What all these doubts have in common, is this:

They’re all about YOU. About YOUR fears, YOUR doubts, YOUR stress, YOUR stories, YOUR lack of confidence, etc.

Your attention is exclusively and negatively focused on YOU.

NOT on your clients.

And the quickest and BEST way to stop stressing out and feel good about your marketing again, is to focus OUT:

On your clients:

  • On the questions and issues they have that you can help them with;
  • On the value you deliver to them
  • On the difference your program or service can make for them;
  • On the results and outcomes they can get from working with you;
  • On the things they no longer have to struggle with or wonder about when they work with you;
  • Etc.

The moment doubts and fears take over, you’re focused on yourself.

Shift that focus outwards, on your clients, and your stress will instantly fade away.

Yes, sometimes you still feel some doubts of fears, BUT they no longer completely take over your mind & your marketing mojo.

Try it next time you feel worried or stress out over your marketing.

It’s an easy shift & it instantly works!

To stress-free living & marketing, baby 😉



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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