Here’s when creating your business & life exactly as you want it generally fails:

You SAY you want something.

But when push comes to shove, you don’t act on it.


For example:

You chose to raise your price – but the next time you talk to a potential client you mention your old price.

And you tell yourself this was a wise decision because you may have lost that client at your higher fee. 

You wish to work with your ideal clients only – and then you make an offer to a client who is definitely not ideal.

And you tell yourself it’s OK, because this person is almost ideal, so it’s fine. 

Or you tell yourself this was a smart decision, given that your rent is almost due. There will be plenty of time to be picky when money isn’t so tight anymore.

You don‘t like to do certain projects anymore – but as soon as you get the chance to do one, you go for it anyway.

Hey, work is work and money is money, right? Can’t turn down a good opportunity when you have no new projects waiting for you.

You don’t want to offer a certain service anymore – but when you get a chance to sell it again, you do it.

Yes, well, if people still want that from you… who are you to say no? This work still has value for your client.

And since you don’t have your new service up and running yet, it’s wise to offer your old service for now.


The things you tell yourself to justify your decision sound rational and true. 

Most people will agree and tell you it’s smart to not burn your bridges. 

To not throw away your old shoes before you have new ones.


But when you continue to say YES to things you no longer want, you’ll NEVER get what you DO want.

You can’t keep dating people who are wrong for you if you want to find the right one.

You can’t keep eating crap if you want to eat healthy.

You can’t keep sitting on the couch if you want to exercise more.

You can’t keep working with non-ideal clients if you want to only work with ideal ones.

You can’t continue to charge the same prices and raise them at the same time.

You can’t change course in your business if you stay on the course you’re at.

And you can’t create time for yourself and space in your schedule if you keep filling it.


You can ONLY get to your YES! life if you say NO to what you no longer want. 

You HAVE to start saying NO some day.

So you might as well start today 🙂


What is it you truly want?

Did you say YES! to it yet?

And what can you say NO to right now to honor that ‘yes’?


Be true to YOU in everything you do,






P.S.: Need help saying YES! to your true dreams you have for your business & life – and say NO to everything else?

My 1-1 coaching can help.

You can read all about it here.



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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