As you may know, I’m currently in the finishing stages of my upcoming book ‘Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want.’

This morning I wrote a new chapter for part 4 of the book, and added it to the list of chapters already written.


As I looked through that list, this thought suddenly hit me:

DAMN, this is good.

This is REALLY good!

I didn’t just think it, I could also feel it.

And I realized this is a book that I myself would want to buy.


Mind you, this is NOT how I normally feel about my book.

IF I ever truly felt this at all.

For a while, my predominant thoughts about my book have mainly been:

Why is it taking so long?

I wish it was done yet.

Would people really want this book?

I hope it turns out good enough.


And yeah, I KNOW how to deal with thoughts like these and how to shift myself out of it.

I know how to let go and surrender to the process and the journey.

And I know how to reconnect to my joy of writing and creating and forget about all those bullshit thoughts my mind sometimes throws at me.

(Oh, and by the way? I write about dealing with all kinds of doubts and fears in my book.

In case you’re wondering HOW I do that. Well, just be patient and order my book when it’s ready, and you’ll know how to do that, too 😉


But feeling truly GOOD about what I’ m creating, really feeling its value without any doubt (and without any arrogance, but simply as a GIVEN)?


That’s not how I normally feel about what I write and create.

I know I’m good at what I do, but really OWNING it this deeply?

Is not my normal way of thinking and feeling.


Which is absolutely fine – there’s no need to either deeply value your own work NOR to criticize or doubt it.

If you’re open to share, express and create what your SOUL wants to share, express and create through you, and you let that be whatever it wants to be without judging it in any way?

You’re living life at the highest level of mastery and ease 😉


But most of us aren’t there yet.

I intend to get there and know that I WILL (I already declared it is so, so it has no choice but turn out that way) – but right now, I’m still all too familiar with doubting, judging and criticizing what I do, write and create.


And I know for a fact that the same is true for YOU.

Because it’s how we’re all conditioned and raised.

Because what we do and create has been judged since the day we were born.

And most women learned to feel that they’re never good enough, never do enough, and always fall short somewhere, somehow.


As a result, you’re always judging what you do and who you are.

You undervalue your work.

And you’re used to always looking at what’s wrong instead of what’s already right.


It’s important to balance that out. And the way to do that, is by OWNING what you’re good at.

Without adding a “it’s good…BUT……..”

Without diminishing your work, your gift or your efforts.

Without giving all credits to the universe, luck, a fluke or other people.

Without any (false) modesty.

And without worrying if others will agree with you on this.

This is about YOU owning YOUR value.


Besides, no matter what you do or how amazing it is, there will ALWAYS be people who don’t appreciate it.

Because they don’t resonate with it; it’s not for them; or they’re jealous and can only feel good about themselves by kicking others down.


So don’t think or worry about others, and unapologetically OWN what you’re good at.

Just like I’m doing now:

I wrote a fucking good book, people!


You may like it as well or think it’s utter crap.

That makes no difference to me.

And it doesn’t change how I feel about my book.

(And I’m glad I wrote this blog about it, so I can re-read this the next time I fear my book’s not good enough or I should have done better ;-))


What can YOU own right now?

What are you just fucking good at?

Feel it, baby.

Own it.

In all its glory.






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