This morning, I came out if my yearly 2-week hibernating time.

Every year in December, I take 2 weeks off around the holidays.

Two weeks of silence, quiet, and ONLY doing what I feel like 24/7.


Which is what I say I do always.

And for the most part, that’s true.


It doesn’t always FEEL that way.


Last week I noticed that so clearly:

It was Thursday around noon, and I was still in bed, dividing my time between reading a book and watching one of my current favorite Netflix-series.

(Once Upon A Time, in case you’re looking for a binge-worthy show.) (And the book? ‘Hangman’ by Daniel Cole. Read ‘Ragdoll’ first!! Terrific thrillers. You’re welcome.)

Anyhow, I was feeling utterly content and so, so deeply happy and relaxed.


And I suddenly realized, that I don’t always feel THIS relaxed on days I think of as ‘work days’.

In fact, that I even still MAKE the distinction between ‘work days’ and ‘non-work-days’ is something I thought I left behind me already. 

But no.

Not completely.



The weird thing is this:

I have absolutely zero problem writing a blog or an email or doing something else business-related on weekends or during my 2-week end of year break.

When I feel like writing, I write.

When I feel like creating a healing for one of my programs, I create it.

When I feel like working on a new project or idea, I work on it.

Whether it’s a ‘work day’ or not.

Because I vowed to follow my flow, my soul, and my calling, always.


But when it’s a ‘work day’ and I feel like doing nothing besides reading and watching Once Upon A Time?

I either kinda do it for a little bit (and feel guilty about it).

OR I don’t do it at all and tell myself that NO, there’s WORK that needs to be done and I need to do something PRODUCTIVE. 

Something USEFUL.

That it’s not OK to WASTE TIME. 

And that this is no way to ever finish my book or bring those Big Dreams closer to home, you lazy, LAZY woman!


ALL of that is total and complete bullshit – the remnants of years of conditioning and a complete WORLD around me that keeps selling this bullshit as truth.

Which it’s not. 

At least: it’s not MY truth.


My truth is this:

The less I push, the more I get done.

(And how much I ‘get done’ is not important anyway.)

The more I listen to what my soul tells me to do, the better I feel, and the better my results.

The more I follow my flow, the more I LIVE. 

The more I LIVE, the more I enjoy LIFE.

The more I enjoy life, the happier I am. 

The happier I am, the more energy I have.

The more energy I have, the more I can contribute to others, through my business.

The more I follow my flow, the more I thrive.

The more I thrive, the more my business thrives.


There is, after all, only LIFE.

And HOW you live it.


Does that mean that I don’t like to ‘work’?

Well, that depends on your definition of ‘work’.

When your definition of work is:

Doing stuff you don’t like to make money so you can pay the bills and save money for later, so that you can do things you like later?


Then no, I don’t like work. 

But when you mean to live life exactly in alignment with your SOUL, to do what you’re born to do, to express what you’re born to express, to experience what you’re born to experience, and to make a difference and money as a direct result of that?

Then oh hell YES, I LOVE to work.


But here’s the thing.

The word ‘work’ is contaminated with SO MUCH CRAP that’s NOT true for me.

With suffering for money, with sacrificing to make a living and survive, with putting your life on hold until later, when you’re old, and you can enjoy life then (and until then, you simply try and enjoy it on weekends and during vacations.)

With forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, in ways you don’t like, on times you’d rather do something different.

With pushing and striving and forcing and going against your will.


That’s not how I choose to live. And it’s not how I live for many, many years now. 

But I haven’t left ALL of that conditioning behind me, apparently.

There are still some remnants of that old way of thinking and being inside me.

I already chose to let that go a long, long time ago.

And I did.

But since I’m an all or nothing type of person, I don’t tolerate even the slightest leftovers from that old-world thinking.

And I choose to let go of ALL of that crap. 

Because: complete inner freedom, baby!

That’s my number 1 goal in life 🙂


So no more workdays for me.

Because again, the word ‘work’ is so contaminated, that it takes WAY more energy to reframe ALL of those notions around work than to just let the word go.

I mean, I don’t NEED the word ‘work’ for anything.

So why still use it?


From now on, there’s only LIFE.

Life in each moment.

Following its flow in each moment. 

Doing whatever I feel like in each moment.

Whether it’s writing a blog, taking a nap, reading a book, doing my taxes, going to the dentist or coaching a client. 

It doesn’t matter.


There are things that need to be done by me this moment – and things that either don’t need to be done by me, don’t need to be done this moment, or don’t need to be done at all.

That’s all there ever is.

And I strive to ONLY do what needs – WANTS – to be done by me, at the perfect right time. 

No, not everything that needs to be done is necessarily fun or something I enjoy.


But EVERYTHING I do is MY choice.

I’m ALWAYS at choice.

And I choose freedom.

Following my soul.

Living my dreams.

I choose LIFE.


How do YOU choose to live?

Are you living like that already?

If not, what needs to change?



To being at choice, 

In everything,








©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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