Since November 2012 I called myself The Happy Hermit*.


I created my Facebook page and called that The Happy Hermit, too.


And every time I needed an easy URL, I used this one:


(That URL still directs you to the homepage of my website.)



The Happy Hermit was a good name for many years.


It accurately reflected how I liberated myself from a crappy hermit (needing sooooo much more alone time than I dared give myself, for fear of not being able to grow my business that way.)


And it also accurately reflected the core of what I offer my clients:


To be true to ALL of who you are – and to build your entire business around that. Instead of changing who you are to be able to grow your business.




That’s STILL the core of my work.


But it no longer feels right to call myself The Happy Hermit.


I’ve outgrown that name.


It was a name born out of frustration with the struggle I had ever since I started my business in 2003: the struggle to find ways to be COMPLETELY true to myself AND achieve my goals AND grow my business at the same time.


The struggle to give myself EVERYTHING I wanted and needed – and to grow my business at the same time.


For YEARS I thought these two were mutually exclusive.


I (unconsciously) believed that I couldn’t be exactly who I am in business. That it wasn’t possible to work with people, grow my business – and put VERY rigid boundaries on how much time I care to spend with other people.


And I never understood why the fuck I had these big dreams when at the same time, I want to be left alone to do my own thing in my own place in my own timing whenever I feel like it.


I thought THAT wasn’t possible, either.



Until I decide to change it, because I was DONE feeling like a crappy hermit.


I was DONE settling for giving myself what I wanted and needed for about 80 or so percent – but never ALL of it.


I decided to turn myself from a crappy hermit to a happy hermit – even though I didn’t fully see how or even believe that was possible at the time.


I was just fucking DONE with always kind of thinking that maybe, everything would be easier or go better if I just changed a little bit…went against my own nature just a tiny bit here and a teeny bit there…I mean, you can’t have it ALL, can you?


No one can.




Right – or so I believed for YEARS.



Until I chose to STOP believing that, and to make my OWN rules instead.


And my main rule?


Is that I get to have it my way.


And getting what I want in my own way?


Means that I grow my business, am completely happy, and THRIVE as a RESULT of being 100% true to who I am – NOT despite of it.



All of that frustration led to the decision to turn myself into a Happy Hermit.


Plus: I knew NO one who was a coach, a hermit, worked with people, had big dreams & plans to grow her business globally AND who only wanted to work with people for 4 hours per week.


I had to carve my own path – as I was already used to do in my personal life, but in business? I found that hard for a long time.


So using the name The Happy Hermit kept me on my toes.


Helped me constantly make choices and take actions based on that Big Decision:


To be a Happy Hermit.


And to never, EVER, change even the tiniest bit of who I am for ANY reason, either in business or in life.



I no longer need that reminder.


I completely embody it.


The core of my work is still the same:


To be true to ALL of who you are – and to build your entire business around that. Instead of changing who you are to be able to grow your business.


I am still the same.



That core of my work, is what I’ve been calling ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness’ for many years now.


To put YOU first, so you can thrive AND contribute to the lives of others as a result of being 100% true to YOU.


It’s also the name of my upcoming book series – the first book will be ready this first quarter.


(For real now 🙂 I know I’ve been talking about it for a long time, but that’s a different story and not for this blog.)



But calling myself The Happy Hermit is no longer necessary.


That name served its purpose.


And it no longer accurately represents who I am and what I do.


The Art of Divine Selfishness DOES now.


Which is why I changed the name of this page to The Art of Divine Selfishness.


Oh, and the new easy URL I now use?





Because for YOU it’s also true:


You can get what you want in YOUR way –


Meaning that YOU grow YOUR business, are completely happy, and THRIVE as a RESULT of being 100% true to who YOU are – NOT despite of it.


It’s your way or no fucking way at all, baby 😉


IF you want to be happy, live your TRUE dreams, build your ENTIRE business around who you truly are – and contribute to the lives of others to the best of your ability without wearing yourself out, that is.



That’s what the Art of Divine Selfishness is all about – but that URL is too long and typo-sensitive.


So it is – because I like things EASY as well as MY WAY 😉



How about you?


Does the name of your page still accurately reflect who you are?


Does your business name still do that?


Do your bios and your website still resonate with who you are today?


Or do you need to make some changes, too?


No rush and no need to change everything at once.


But think about it anyway.


It’s easier to build new dreams on fresh, clean slates.


And it’s the perfect time for new beginnings!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl




* Want to know exactly why & how I went from Crappy Hermit to Happy Hermit?


You can read it in this blog:


My personal story – a message from the cave




And if you’d like to be completely true to YOU and your TRUE dreams – and build your entire business around that, instead of settling a bit here and changing a bit there?


Maybe I can help you 1-1.


My coaching is not for everyone.


But it might just be for you.


You can read all about & apply for a spot if it resonates with you here.



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