The energy of this year already feels so different to that of 2018.

Do you feel it, too?


In many ways, 2018 felt like a preparation for new and exciting opportunities and dreams.

Last year, many were called deeper into their own heart:

Into their soul’s path.

Into their own truth.

Into their own desires and dreams.

I’ve seen it in myself and in the people around me – including my clients.


This calling led to a lot of letting go:

Of habits, thoughts, lifestyles, people – anything that no longer resonated with your highest mission and good.


It also led to adapting a lot of new:

New habits, thoughts, lifestyles, people – anything that felt aligned with your soul and your truth.


If you’ve answered your soul’s calls last year, you recognize this for sure. 

If you haven’t, don’t worry: you’re never too late to honor your truth! 

There’s a new beginning ready for you every second of every day. 

And definitely now, too, at the beginning of this brand new, fresh new year!



Here’s how to make 2019 a soul-fueled, magical year:


#1 Connect with your deepest desire(s). 

Maybe you already set goals or wrote down your vision for 2019.

But did you REALLY connect with what you TRULY want yet?


Or did your dreams, goals and desires come from what you think you want; what you believe is available for you; or from what others want from you?

Check into that now.


By first taking a moment to drop into your heart:

Close your eyes.

Breathe deep into your belly.

Feel how with every deep breath, you sink into your body even more.

Relax your shoulders. 

Your face.

Your body.

Now, put your hands on your heart.

Feel your heart beat.

Feel the warmth of your hands.


Ask yourself: 

What would I want if I feared nothing and trusted that everything always works out for me?

What would make 2019 the most MAGICAL and AMAZING year of my life so far?

What do I most want to do, be, have, feel and experience this year?


Just sit, notice, FEEL.

Let whatever comes up, come up.

Don’t censor yourself.

Don’t suppress anything.

Write down whatever comes up now, even if it’s only an image, word, phrase, or part of a dream.

Whatever additional clarity you need, will come to you over the next couple of days.


#2 Feel into this some more.

After you wrote down whatever came up, answer this question – and write down whatever comes up:

Why do I want this?

Fill at least 2 pages A5 (1 page A4) with your answers.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Simply write EVERYTHING down.

And FEEL how it makes you feel when you do.

If any additional images or words come up, write those down, too.


#3 How would it make you feel to receive / accomplish / experience this?

Write that down, too.

And really FEEL it.


#4 What would it bring you to receive/accomplish/experience this.

Write down everything that this will bring:


  • You
  • Your business
  • Your family
  • Your friends
  • Your clients
  • The world
  • Your community


Don’t be modest.

And don’t censor any of your answers.

You’re the only one who reads this anyway, so don’t shrink or hide anything.


#5 Who do you need to be to accomplish/allow/experience/receive this?

Paint the picture of that version of you.

In words, images, thoughts, beliefs – whatever comes up.

Know that this version of you already exists within you RIGHT NOW.

She’s already here.

All you have to do is CONSCIOUSLY step this version of you.


#6 Ask for help.

Ask your soul, the universe, your spiritual guides, the angels, or whatever else feels like a source of support for you:

Show me the way to see this desire become real.

Show me who can help me, what steps to take, and when to take them.

Bring me inspiration and insights, opportunities and support.

Help me release all blocks and obstacles that might prevent me from manifesting this desire.

Bring all of this to me in easy and comfortable ways, that are easy and comfortable for me to receive and implement.

And so it is.


(And then, of course, be OPEN to RECEIVE the things you asked for – and ACT upon it, too!)


#7 Create your personal success recipe.

There’s only ONE way to allow your dreams to unfold in the most magical, soul-aligned way, and that is YOUR way.

Get clear on what works for YOU:

What will help you BE that version of you that already has what you desire on a daily basis? 

What helps you keep this desire front-and-center, so you don’t ‘forget’ about it when normal daily life takes over again?

What works best for YOU to receive your desired outcome?


Once you’re clear on what works for you, make sure to stick to that, too.

Your recipe can only work for you when you work with it!


This is a beautiful way to prepare – or better yet: to OPEN UP – to a year filled with magic and beauty.

A year that maybe even surpasses your wildest dreams!


Take some time to answer these questions this week, Brigitte.

You might be surprised of the insights and answers you get…



To a magical 2019!




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©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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