This morning, I tuned into my soul & my spiritual team and channeled some messages for myself.
One of the questions I asked was what kind of year 2019 was – not just for me, but in general.
Because there’s your own flow, AND there’s also a universal or cosmic flow.
And when you move along with the universal flow (which, by the way, automatically happens when you tune into your soul / your heart / your deepest truth and act accordingly – your own soul is ALWAYS in tune with the cosmic flow), life in general flows so much easier for you.
A beautiful message came through that I wrote in my journal, thinking it was for me only.
Of course, that was not the case 🙂
After I wrote it down I felt the nudge to share it with you, too.
Here it is.


2019 is a pivotal year.

It’s a year that supports love over fear.

It’s a year that supports ALL light bearers and change bringers more than ever before.


You could even call this “The Year of the Light Bringer.”

What does this mean?

It means that you are invited to live according to your own truth deeper than ever before.

It means that you’re invited to open up to your soul’s highest expression – which makes itself known through your deepest desires.

It’s a year of continued shedding.

It’s a year of continuing embracing the new.

It’s a year where ALL the energies of the universe support your soul’s highest path.


This also means that ignoring your soul’s truth is harder now.

It takes more effort to resist your soul’s desires than it does to flow with them.

Yes, this may feel scary.

However, it is – YOU ARE – carried more than ever before.

And remember: scary is also – and often only – exhilarating.


And full of life!


It’s easier now to face your fears.

It’s easier now to shed old layers of habits, beliefs, and even your personality, that are outdated and no longer serve you.

This is the year to say ‘YES’ to your soul more often and louder than ever before,


The times have shifted.

Old paradigms of fear are – slowly – burning out.

Old methods of achieving goals are no longer as effective as they were.

Everything that’s dying now is no longer supported.


It’s finally time for light bearers to THRIVE.

Ride that wave, my love.

Ride that wave with joy & laughter.

Whatever change you came here to bring:

You are ready for it.

And the world is ready for you.


Open up.


And ride that wave of your deepest desires.

That is how to live fully, contribute to the whole, and to thrive as a result.


2019 is a year to thrive and soar – if you so choose.

What DO you choose?

The choice, as always, is yours.

Choose joy.

Choose love.

Choose YOU.

Everything will work out in the best ways for you – as it always has.

And always will.



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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I channel the answers & message for you.

Read your energy.

Add some healing if that’s required.

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Here’s how Sabine experienced her 1-1 channel session:

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The message touched me deeply, and gave me so much clarity about the next steps I can now take.

It was the right message at the right time.

I’m amazed at how accurate and healing it was!”


— Sabine van Meenen



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