Breakthroughs are overrated. You don’t need them. 

I know. That sounds weird.

We all love a good breakthrough, don’t we?

I do.

I experience them all the time. As do my clients. (I called myself a ‘breakthrough master’ for a while for a reason 😉


And still…

You don’t need them.



Because here’s what I often see:

People who wait for a breakthrough before they take another step.

People paralyzing themselves because they think they need a breakthrough before they can move forward.

People who use a breakthrough as an excuse to hide behind (“no, I can’t do anything until I release this / break through that / have the answer to this / etc.”)


You ALWAYS have EVERYTHING you need to take your next step RIGHT NOW.

You can take a step even when you’re scared.

Even when you don’t know what the step after that one will be.

Even when you have no clue what will happen next.


If you truly NEEDED a breakthrough, you’d already have it.


You don’t have to wait for any breakthrough, ever.

It’s already available to you right now, if you really insist on having your breakthrough before you can move forward.


So if you crave a breakthrough now, here’s how you can get one:

Look at what you resist, and why.

And at what it would take to stop resisting.


Look at what you know you have to do but procrastinate on (or pretend it doesn’t exist at all.)

And explore which pain or truth you’re trying to avoid.


Look at what you crave yet deny (or don’t even admit to) yourself.

And explore why that is.


Look at what your soul, your wise inner voice, is trying to tell you for a while now.

And ask yourself why you’re still not listening.


You don’t need a breakthrough to move forward or make 2019 a different or even better year than 2018 has been.

But if you insist on one?

Ask yourself the questions above.

They will lead you to one breakthrough at the very least.



But if you want that breakthrough to then bring you something new?

You’ve got to act on it, too, baby 😉

You’ve got to be different, choose different, think different, expect different or act different.



Nothing can change until YOU change first.



To breakthroughs,

And clarity,

Without needing them to move forward,




©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Earlier this month I opened 5 spots for a 1-1 channel with me.

These flew away FAST – and everyone who had one, was super happy with it.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, too!

That’s why I decided to open up 3 spots for a New Year Channel with me this January.

How it works?

You and I get on the phone for 1 hour.


In that hour:

* I channel the message & energy your soul most wants you to receive right now;

* And you can ask any and all questions about your business or life that are on your mind right now.


I channel the answers & message for you.

Read your energy.

Add some healing if that’s required.

AND I coach you on how to turn the message & healing you received into practical steps & actions.


Afterwards you receive a recording of our 1-hour call.


Want one of these 3 spots?

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After your purchase is completed, I’ll email you to set up a date.

I’m still on a break, so it can take a day or 2 to get back to you.

But I will for sure!


And maybe I’ll talk to you soon!


Here’s how Sabine experienced her 1-1 channel session:

“The channel with Brigitte resonated so much with me. It described the exact process I’m in right now.

The message touched me deeply, and gave me so much clarity about the next steps I can now take.

It was the right message at the right time.

I’m amazed at how accurate and healing it was!”


— Sabine van Meenen




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