(me shortly after I finished today’s workout)
I drastically changed my lifestyle this year:
I went from sitting on my ass all day to working out 5x per week.

I started intermittent fasting; ditched gluten, sugar, coffee, dairy, and wine from my diet (which pretty much were the basic food groups I made sure to get in daily).

And I eat whole foods only.

Exercising more and potentially cleaning up my diet was something I wanted to do for yeeeaaaarrrrsss.

But never did.

Or started and then…stopped again.

So why did I manage to do make this drastic change in August AND maintain this new lifestyle ever since?

Part of the answer is definitely the help & support from a very good program & coaches.

But that’s NOT the key.

If that was all it takes, every program in the world would have a 100% success rate.


No, the key is this:

This decision came straight from my SOUL.

It came from a desire for something better than I already had.

It did NOT come from my mind: I did not rationally think it needed to happen now.

Tried that before. That doesn’t work.

Because when it comes from that place, your heart isn’t in it.

And it’s not because you want to move toward something you desire, but you want to move away from something unwanted.

That never works.

At least: not for long. Not lasting. Sooner or later you fall back in your old habits.

As I found ALL the times I tried to change or accomplish something that did not come from my SOUL.

If you want to change something once and for all?

It has to come from the inside out, straight from your heart, from your SOUL.

It has to come from a place of moving towards something you’d love MORE of, instead of away from something you want to avoid.

Yes, that can certainly be what sets change in motion.

But if you want your transformation to last?

Your SOUL needs to be in it.

What do you want to permanently change or achieve?

Check yourself:

Does it come from your SOUL?

Or are you trying to talk yourself into it?

To lasting change,
and continuous growth,

©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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