A lot has changed this year.

YOU’ve changed this year.

More change is coming for you – it’s in the air already.


The BIG thing that’s energetically happened this year is this: 

Your soul has been urging you to let go of more of what you’re not – and embrace more of who you really are.


If you’ve been surfing on this energy, you’ve already shed some layers of who you are not and what no longer serves you.

You’ve opened up to your inner truth and wisdom. 

You’re more empowered.

You’re more YOU.


This may or may not be visible on the outside yet – in how you look, your results, or what you (still) do or ditched in your business.

But the INNER change and opening up?

Has happened and is still happening for you.


I see it in my own business and life, too: 

I completely changed my lifestyle .

I created not 1, but 2 programs with Maartje Koper.

And not only did I pick up channeling again – I also offered it as a 1-1 service this month.


I never thought I’d do ANY of these things.

But when you let your soul lead you in business and life?

You really can’t imagine what she’ll bring to you next 😉


This opening, shedding and deepening has happened for ALL change-makers and light-bringers this year – including YOU!

On the outside, it may look completely different for you.

But the inner shifts you’ve gone through come from the exact same source:

From your soul, calling you closer to her.


More opening, shedding, deepening and change are waiting for you now.

You’re being called to sink even deeper into your Self, your soul, your divinity.

Into who you’re born to be and what you’re born to do.


Your soul is calling you louder than ever before.

Maybe you’ve already said YES! to this calling of your soul.

Maybe you’re still holding off on that.

Because you don’t know what you’re saying ‘yes’ to exactly.

Or because you have NO idea what it will lead to – and what that will look and feel like, especially in your business.

(And if you’ll be able to make enough money when you say YES to whatever weird shit your soul might be asking from you…)


If you feel a longing to say YES! to the path of your soul, sink deeper into your purpose, and to ride that energy with ease & joy, this soul-shifting program is just what you need:

 relax release receive


Maartje Koper and I take you on a 3-month deep, magical, healing journey into your True Self. 

Through group channels, readings & healings, a lot of laughter, space, and live downloaded information & inspiration we help you sink deeper into your purpose, your soul, and who you truly are – so that you AND your business can THRIVE! 


soon We start next Wednesday, December 19.

The doors close on Friday, December 21. end


If you want to step into who you already are and say YES! to your soul?

This magical program is just what you need.

We guide you to embrace all of who you are, and step into your divinity.


To open up to what your soul has cooked up for you.

To release what no longer serves you and who you are not.


So you can relax into yourself. Into your business. Into your life.

Deepen your sense of purpose.


And allow yourself to receive what you’ve been looking for.

You can read all about it & sign up for it here. 


This is honestly the BEST thing you can do for yourself.

What you learn in this program – or, more accurately, what you UNLEARN – will serve you for the REST of your life.

Including in your business!!


There’s only so much knowledge and time you have.

There’s only so much you can do on your own.


But when you embrace the FULL power & wisdom your SOUL has for you?

You learn how to flow WITH your own wisdom & energy instead of resisting it?

AND you learn how to play and work with the INFINITE possibilities of the universe?


MAGIC, baby.

Pure magic.

Check it out here. 

And come join us when you feel your SOUL says YES.

We’d love to take you on this magical journey!



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: We start next Wednesday, December 19.

And YES, we take an end-of-year break, of course!

The second guided call is in January.

We give you alllll the time and space to relax throughout these 3 months.

The program is not only a magical and a healing journey – but a relaxing one as well.

NO need to push or force on this journey, baby.

Check it out here and come join us when your soul says yes.


Don’t wait. 

The doors close at midnight next Friday, December 21.

(And the first healing is ready for you soon: Healing From Hard Work & Efforting.)



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