My book, Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want, has reached yet another stage:
The cover design is ready!!
And I am over the moon happy with it!!
(Thank you, Susan! ❤️)
It’s EXACTLY what I wanted:
Playful, colorful, original, and totally ME.
This cover was the result of an interesting journey that taught me a couple of things I want to share with you now – real quick, I promise, and then you can look at the cover (or did you scroll down and look already??? :-))
Here are two of those lessons that might inspire & benefit you too:
#1: Be true to your vision and do NOT settle for ANYTHING less.
I first hired another designer. For all kinds of reasons, however, that did NOT work out.
So I fired her.
Could she have produced a cover that looked good?
I’ve seen her work, and even though the first round of designs did not make me happy, we could still have ended up with a good cover design.
But…could she have produced a cover that made me over the moon happy like this one does?
No way!
We were on totally different wavelengths. She just didn’t get me or what I wanted.
And I don’t settle for anything less than AMAZING.
Why on earth would I do that?

You don’t get what you want, you get what you settle for.

So make sure you set the bar exactly where you want it.
#2: When you are super clear that you do NOT settle or accept anything less than what you TRULY want, you WILL get it.
I just KNEW that there was someone out there who could create the perfect cover for my book.
I NEVER doubted that.
Of course she was out there! I only had to find her. 
Which I did.
Just like I found the love of my life, Arjen, almost 18 years ago.
I remember a friend asked me before I met him what kind of man I was looking for.
I knew exactly what I wanted, so I told her the whole list of qualities he should have.
When I finished talking, she looked at me and said: aren’t you asking too much? I’m not sure a man like that exists.
I don’t care, I said.
It’s either a guy who has ALL those qualities – or it’s no guy at all.
I don’t need a man to make me happy or complete.
I’m already happy and complete. 
He can either add more happiness to my life, or he has no business being in my life at all.
There’s no middle ground here.
I simply don’t accept anything less.
Shortly after, I met Arjen. And we’ve been together and super happy ever since.
I can give you hundreds more examples, big and small, but they all have this in common:
Whatever you deeply desire is already out there in some shape or form.
All you have to do is DECIDE to get it.
And you will.
Are you settling for something less than what you TRULY want?
Reflect on that before this year is over.
And set new expectations, intentions and goals for yourself based on your TRUE desires for 2019 🙂

And now, finally, here it is…..the book cover! TaDAAAAA:



Super happy with it!

And don’t forget to think about that question, OK?

Where you might be settling?

So you can choose to go for your TRUE desires in 2019?

Only the best is good enough for you.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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