Over the past couple of months, I’ve been deepening some of my spiritual practices.

One of those is channeling. 

I’ve been doing that for myself for almost 20 or so years now.

And I’m no stranger to downloading information either. 

(And by the way? Neither are you. Channeling is something we are ALL capable of. AND something everyone already DOES – albeit mostly unconsciously. Where do you think your ideas and inspiration come from?)

Anyhow, back to channeling and deepening my spiritual practices.

Since a couple of weeks I recommitted to channeling for myself daily, and to record those channels on my phone.

I wasn’t sure why I felt inspired to do this, but since I always follow my inner guidance, I did (and still do) this every single day.

It feels different than channeling in writing. I love the energy of it.

Plus it brings me super practical ideas, beautiful energy, and an overall sense of well-being and inner calm.

Completely out of the blue, I felt inspired to channel for others, too.

I wasn’t sure why, but followed that guidance as well.

The first person I channeled for was someone I don’t know.

I was a bit nervous upfront: would it really work?

Would I be able to channel something for her that felt accurate and loving and that actually made a positive difference for her?

Turned out that I did.

And the funny thing was, that that didn’t even surprise me.

Somehow it felt so familiar, like I’ve known how to do this – and HAVE been doing this – for eons.

So when I received this inspiration last Tuesday, it was easy to instantly act on it:

To offer five 1-1 channel sessions with me this December.

And to give the women in the Divinely Selfish Community first dibs on those spots.

This is NOT how I normally do things!

Before I offered my first paid soul blueprint reading & clearing, I practiced for free with 10 people.

Only then did I feel competent enough to ask money for these sessions. (That I no longer offer, by the way.)

Before I offered my first paid reiki session, I gave away I a ton of free reiki sessions. (I no longer offer these either.)

So what was different this time?

Because I instantly realized this:

That I’ve been channeling for myself for almost 20 years now – it’s not a new skill for me.

That I’m a damn good coach for almost 18 or so years now.

That I have acquired SO many other skills, tools, knowledge and expertise in SO many different things over the past two decades: working with energy, intuition, healing, and how to do all that in ways that are safe and pure and practical, too.

And I deeply felt the TRUTH:

I got this. I know what I’m doing.

I don’t have to feel weird or self-conscious or insecure about this.

And I don’t have to practice for free for god knows how long before I finally feel I’m good enough to ask money for it.

(Mind you, there is NOTHING wrong with practicing new skills and/or offering them for free!

UNLESS you already ARE good enough to stop practicing …and the only reason you’re not charging for it yet is that you chronically undervalue your worth and what you’re capable of….) 

The same thing is true for YOU: 

You got this.

You KNOW what you’re doing.

You have SO much more experience than you realize.

Your gifts are more beautiful (and more special!) than you give yourself credit for.

And what you do offers SO MUCH MORE value than you dare to believe.

Imagine for a moment what would be different if you started to OWN that.

How would you be different?

How different would you feel about yourself, your business, your being, your work?

And what would you DO different if you truly OWNED what you’re already SO incredibly good at?

Let that sink in for a minute, baby.

You got this!

Whatever your ‘this’ is:

You got it.

And you KNOW what you’re doing.

To OWNING your gifts & what you’re truly capable of right here, right now,

©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

P.S.: IF this Monday, November 26, those currently 3 remaining 1-1 channeling spots with me aren’t taken up by women in the Divinely Selfish Community yet, I will send out an email about this (probably one time) offer.

Want to be notified if there are still spots left? 

Sign up for my weekly-ish articles in the blue box below this blog, and you’ll automatically be notified of any remaining spots. If you’ve missed it? Send an email to my team: team [at] brigittevantuijl.com and we’ll let you know if there are any spots left – and how you can book one.

But again:

ONLY if there are still some spots left. I really truly only have 5 spots available this December. And I’m not sure if I’ll open up more spots some other time.


P.P.S.: Seriously: what WOULD you do if you totally OWNED your power & gifts, and stopped doubting if you’re already good enough?

Think about it.

Your answers might surprise you – and might be the start of a wonderful transformation for you!


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