I bet there’s at least ONE thing you’d like to wrap up this year.

Something that matters to you and your business.

Something you REALLY want to get finished.

And that you promised (or hoped) would be done before 2019 starts…

If you have one (or possible more) projects like that, now is the perfect time to move forward with it.

There are still several weeks until Christmas – so if you start now, you’re perfectly on time!

Here’s how:

#1 Check if you still want this.

Some ideas excite you at first but fade away over time.

No need to work on those anymore.

Just ditch them.

If you still want it:

#2 Rekindle that fire.

Why do you want this?

Why does it matter to you to get this done?

When you connect to the feeling behind your desire, you feel eager to move forward again.

You don’t have to push or force yourself now.

Your desire pulls you forward.

#3 Get moving.

What do you need to do?

Do it.

What do you need to let go of?

Do that, too.

Be all in, and keep at it until you’re finished.

When you start now, you can take at least one project off of your to-do list and finish this year strong.

And start 2019 with a clean slate to create beautiful new things in your business & life!

I’m finishing my own Thing this year, too: my book!

It’s still a lot of work, though.

When I thought about everything that needed to be done, my first feeling was that of overwhelm.

So I worked through that and came up with several ways to make finishing the book easy, fun, and overwhelm-free.

You may have your own project or creation you’d like to finish this year.

Whether it’s a book, creating a new program, rewriting your website, or finishing your freebie.

Or maybe you have a whole bunch of loose ends you’d like to wrap up.

If so, I have something cool for you:

🏁 Finish That Thing 🏁

7 weeks to finish your project/idea/book/creation* before Christmas


* a master class that helps set you up to finish your idea this year with as much ease & fun as possible!

* daily accountability & additional nudges, inspiration & motivation to keep moving forward;

* 2 extra Facebook Live Q&A’s (in addition to the regular monthly Q&A call);

* and being in the company of like-minded women who are working on the same thing you are: finishing whatever  you still want to wrap up before this year is over – so you end 2018 with a bang and start with a clean slate in 2019!

And I’ll be there to support you & cheer you on every single day!

(* your Thing can be anything you’d like to wrap up this year:

rewrite your website /create your freebie / create your new program / or wrap up multiple loose ends on your I-wish-this-was-done-list.)

This 7-week program is happening in the Divinely Selfish Community only.

We start next week, on Monday November 5th.

But if you join now, you get instant access to a bonus program on growing your business without using any soul-sucking strategies.

Plus other cool content.

So you can dive into some juicy stuff right away.

You can read all about & sign up for it here.

Let’s finish this year strong, baby!

©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

 P.S.: Finish That Thing is not only super helpful & inspirational.

It’s also FUN!

I’m sharing my BEST tips & tricks & mindset-shifts that help make finishing your project as easy & fun as possible.

And believe you me, after working on my book for YEARS now, the LAST words I associated with finishing my book were FUN and EASY.

Thankfully I have a giant toolbox of coaching -, practical -, and mindset tools that helped me shift out of overwhelm & impatience.

And I share it with you in Finish That Thing, so you can finish your thing(s) without stress or overwhelm, too!

Plus, as mentioned before: I’m around DAILY throughout those 7 weeks to support you and cheer you on.

You receive ALL of this PLUS all the other great content PLUS a bonus program AND a year long membership of the Divinely Selfish Community for only 197 Euros*

I know. Crazy. 

That price is DEFINITELY going up in January.

So grab your spot now at this ridiculously low investment – which includes the 7-week program Finish That Thing.

We start Monday, November 5th.

And until then, you can dive into the other juicy content that’s instantly available for you.

You can read all about & sign up for it here.

(* VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Approximately 242 US dollars, depending on the current exchange rate. Payment plan available.)


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