I recently wrote about a new health / food / fitness lifestyle I started a couple of weeks ago.

It took me about two or three weeks to realize that this wasn’t just a physical journey. (DUH.)

It is, of course, a SPIRITUAL journey, too.

Which I was already deeply immersed in to begin with – in opening up to embody even more of my soul & the divine, in letting go of more of everything that I am not and that serves me no longer. 

In fact, changing my physical habits & lifestyle was a direct result of the spiritual journey I was already on (and have been for a long time.)


I’m going through a transformation on all levels  –  and I’m certainly not the only one! 

I see it all around me.


Transformation is happening globally and individually.

Chances are, you’re going through it right now, too, Brigitte.

Maybe things are significantly changing in your business, your health, your lifestyle, or your overall life path.


Whether you’re going through it now or later, it helps to know some of the ‘side-effects’ of change you can expect. 

These are ALL NORMAL.

These are NOT a sign to stop.

And these are NOT telling you that you’re on the wrong path.


On the contrary!


They’re a sign of your growth.

They’re a sign of transformation in progress.


So stick to your path, trust your intuition, and keep tuning in to that deep level of your own inner truth that you have access to 24/7 – and that shows you YOUR best way ALWAYS.


These are 3 perfectly normal things that can happen when you go through a transformation:


#1: All your relationships change.

When you change, that automatically affects ALL your relationships.

Some relationships deepen.

Others cool off.


People who always understood you now have no clue what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

People you didn’t really resonate with before, suddenly feel like the best soulmates you’ve ever had.


With some people, it takes a while to find a new way to relate to each other.

And some relationships disappear from your life for good.



#2: Old shit comes up.

Old pains, fears, and ancient old patterns you thought you dealt with can rise to the surface.

Emotions can run high.

Your moods can swing from one extreme to another in a couple of seconds flat.

You can feel sadness, grief, or melancholy.

For no reason at all – or so it seems.


You crave things you can’t name.

And self-sabotage lurks around every corner some days.


NONE of these things are setbacks.

These are ALL signs of PROGRESS.

It all comes up to say goodbye to you.

ALL of this is actually just energy LEAVING you – which is why you feel and notice it.

And if let it leave, without worrying or doing anything about it, it will simply pass all by itself.


#3: Change happens on ALL levels always.

When you start with a physical transformation, the emotional, mental and spiritual level ALSO get involved sooner or later.

When you’re going through a spiritual transformation, you ALSO change on a physical, mental, and emotional level. 

You can suddenly get a cold, the flu, or other physical aches & pains, for example.


ALL levels are ALWAYS affected, period. 

Because EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING – and a change in one level, AUTOMATICALLY ALSO leads to changes on all other levels, too.


I see all of these aspects (and more – these are just a few of them) of transformation in the people I coached over the past 17+ years.

That’s only logical since I coach people through deep and lasting transformations.




Even though I KNOW all this, and I’m a master at breakthrough & transformational coaching, it STILL took me a moment of conscious reflection to recognize it in myself.

And I felt relief when I realized what was going on:

Oh, right, yes – going through a major overhaul on all levels here, so OF COURSE this is happening now! (Another DUH! moment ;-))


That’s why I’m sharing it with you now.

So that if you recognize some of this, too?

You can stop worrying about it and know this is ALL part of the change & transformation you’re going through.


Nothing is wrong with you or with what you do. 

It’s all good. 

It’s only change.

You’re doing great and you’re exactly where you should be.


Happy transforming!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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