You can stop reading now if seeing your business as a business (and yourself as an entrepreneur) excites and delights you to no end.

When you see yourself as an entrepreneur first and foremost, and this thrills you AND feels like the perfect fit for who you feel you truly are?

This article brings you nothing.

Carry on and godspeed is all I have to say to you this time.


But…..if being an entrepreneur is NOT the perfect ideal role you identify with?

If you feel that you’re a coach, a writer, an artist or a healer (or something different, but still not an entrepreneur) FIRST, and an entrepreneur second?

Chances are that seeing your business as a business does NOT serve you.

It stifles your joy and your flow.

And triggers resistance around things you feel you must do because they’re a part of building and growing a business – things that you don’t want to do, that don’t feel good, or trigger a crapload of fears & doubts.


You’re an entrepreneur because you see no alternative to doing what you love and making money with it.

There’s not exactly a job out there that’s a perfect match for your personality/gifts/work/healing/art – or whatever it is you bring to the world.


You’re a reluctant entrepreneur for lack of other options that bring you the same freedom and opportunities.

But the entrepreneurial parts of that? 

You can totally do without.


I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been a reluctant entrepreneur for a loonngggg time.

When I started my business I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur, and I certainly didn’t want to BE one.

I associated entrepreneurs mainly with greedy white old men who smoked cigars, played golf, fucked up the planet and everyone who stood in the way of stacking up more and more money in their secret bank accounts in a tropical tax paradise.  

Yeah, I was kind of biased and just a tad opinionated and judgmental back then 😉


Anyhow, I quickly realized that NOT seeing myself as an entrepreneur was not helping me build my business.

I saw two options to solve this:


  1. Embrace being an entrepreneur and create my own definition of it,




  1. Start seeing my business as something other than a business.


I started with the second option.

I asked myself:

What delights & excites me to no end?

What makes me want to (un)learn whatever it takes to get this business up and running?


The answer was immediately clear:

To see it as a personal development tool on steroids.

Now THAT excited me.

THAT made me want to embrace my resistance around marketing, sales, visibility and money.

Because now, all of it had a different purpose, a DEEPER purpose, than just getting clients and making a profit.


This image served me for a while until it no longer excited me to think of my business like that.

Another image that served me for a while was seeing my business a tool to bring more change and good into this world.

Until I made a Big Shift in my business in 2011/2012, when I stopped working in Dutch with women in jobs, and switched to working in English, globally, with women entrepreneurs.


On this new level, I needed yet another new image to thoroughly inspire and delight me. 

At that point, I started seeing my business as my personal playground.


THAT felt super exciting!

It instantly brought to mind how I always wanted to live: like Pippi fucking Longstocking!

Doing whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like it, because and for no other reason than that you feel like it, without having to answer to anyone or anyone having a say in a single damn thing you do. 


Hell YES, I loved that image!!!!


So since 2011 or so, I saw my business as my personal playground – and that totally worked for me.

Until I recently talked with one of my private clients about this topic. And how she could see her business differently – because she, too, is not someone who feels inspired by just thinking of it as a ‘business’.

I shared my examples with her, and how I now saw my business as my personal playground.


But after our call, I thought: hm. Does that image actually still work for me? 

And the answer was NO.

No, that doesn’t work for me anymore.


Because I feel I’ve totally nailed the personal playground by now.

It’s already fully manifested, so it doesn’t hold an exciting promise for me anymore.

So I asked myself:


How can I see my business now, in a way that totally delights & excites me and lights me up like an exploding star?

The answer immediately came up:

As my Writer’s Paradise. 



I can’t even begin to describe how good this makes me feel.

Oh, wait, I can:

It completely relaxes me.

Every time I see those words, my shoulders drop, my breath deepens, and I instantly sink into my heart and this moment.

So for now, and for as long as it makes me feel this way, I see my business not as my business – but as my Writer’s Paradise.


Over to you now:

Does it excite, inspire, motivate and ignite your passion to see your business as a business?

If not, stop seeing it that way, and choose a different image.

What image makes you jump up and down with joy?

Maybe one of my images speaks to you, too.

Maybe something completely different comes up for you. 


To give you some further inspiration, here are a couple of images I helped some of my private clients come up with over the years:


  • Seeing your business as your creative outlet;


  • A piece of art;


  • An instrument for personal & global healing;


  • An instrument to help heal the planet & create a sustainable future for everyone;


  • An instrument for personal & global transformation;


  • An instrument to support the rise of the Divine Feminine.



What image supports you in doing what you love & are born to do?


Just make something up that feels good,

(which is a VERRRY good business strategy in general),


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: There’s always a way to do business YOUR way; live life on your terms; and do your soul’s work in ways that excite & delight you.

Where it begins?

With allowing yourself to be all of who you are.

To be true to yourself & your truth first and foremost. 

And to build your business & life around the things you most deeply love & care for.


In other words:

It starts with being Divinely Selfish.

And the support, inspiration & information you need to do that?

Is exactly what you get in the Divinely Selfish Community. 


Read all about & sign up for it here, and you’re perfectly in time for our monthly Q&A call tomorrow. 

(Or to listen to the recording the day after – you’ll be inspired for sure by other people’s questions, and whatever else intuitively flows through me on these calls.)

Maybe I’ll ‘see’ you there later!


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