Almost 4 weeks ago, I started a complete health- and lifestyle change, because I want my energy back at a 100% or more (instead of the 90% or so percent it was at); I want to completely balance my hormones; and also lose some weight.

My intuition guided me to the perfect program for me (as it always does), and now I’m on a workout / no gluten / no dairy / no coffee / no alcohol / no sugar / whole food healthy eating – program.

Last Friday, at the end of week three, one of the women in the program said she felt a bit disappointed with her results – she didn’t feel she was making much progress.

Others chimed in: they too were wondering when they’d start seeing results.

(And I too, had fleetingly wondered that morning when I’d start seeing results besides only feeling much better.)

The response from the coach was perfect.

She reminded us that the 6 weeks of this program are a jumpstart to a lifestyle change.

“It takes 6-8 weeks to see a significant change in your body and 12 weeks for others to notice,” she wrote in the Facebook group.

“It’s important to remain positive and trust the process. Women who maintain a long-term perspective do an incredible job in my program.”

The same is true for business: if you’re not in it for the long haul, you set yourself up for disappointments – and possibly even ending your business waaayyyyyy before it ever had a chance to blossom.

Wanting everything to work NOW and bank your first million YESTERDAY and have dozens of people lined up to work with you THE DAY BEFORE THAT sets you up for disappointment and a sure-fire LACK of success.

I’m not saying it takes forever for your business to take off.

NO one knows how long it will take for you.

We each have our own path to walk.

For some, shit happens SEEMINGLY overnight.

For others, it takes years and years and years.

It takes as long as it takes. For reasons you may or may not know or understand:

Maybe you’re not ready to shine full force yet – and you need to heal and unlearn a ton of shit first.

Maybe your audience is not ready yet – and you have to spend time to educate your audience on your offer first.

Maybe the world is not ready yet – and you have to keep doing what you’re doing while the world is changing and becomes more open to what you have to offer.

It takes as long as it takes. It takes COMMITMENT. And YES, it also often takes PATIENCE.

So this is NOT how it works:

  • Post one update on Facebook and expect to sell out your first workshop right away. (and give up after that, because you’ve already posted one thing and no one responded, boo hoo hoo.)

  • Play with Instagram for a week, and wonder why your list hasn’t exploded yet.

  • Send 2 emails about your new program and feel so disappointed no one signed up yet, that you quit marketing and / or shut your program down before it even begun.

This IS how it works:

  • Be in it for the long haul. Whatever ‘long’ means. Just BE IN IT. With your heart, your soul, and everything you’ve got. Do whatever you need to do, both the inner work(the healing / growing / learning / unlearning part – which is ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT part!!!)and the outer work(the actual steps you take – which are a breeze when there’s no inner shit messing with you).

  • Know WHYyou’re in it to begin with. Why do you do what you do? Why does that matter to you?

  • Go for what you REALLY,most deeply, TRULY want. Business is NOT for wusses.So if you give it your all, you might as well give your all for what you REALLY want.


And most importantly: be in it for the PROCESS, for the JOY, for the LOVE OF YOUR SOUL – NOT for the results.

Yes, of course you want results. And you WILL get results when you follow your heart and do what you need to do.

But your future results aren’t here yet.

So needing future results to feel happy now?

Is NEVER EVER going to work.

Be in it for the long haul. Be in it because it truly matters to YOU.

Be in it for what it brings you right now, today, this very minute.

(Regardless of what IT is exactly.)

Find joy, pleasure, beauty and gratitude in each moment, in each day.

Be present and alive NOW because YOUR LIFE IS ONLY EVER NOW.

Stop waiting for whatever you think you need first before you can be happy.

Stop needing outer results to feel happy and fulfilled.

Be happy NOW.

Live NOW.

And do whatever it takes to manifest whatever you choose – for however long it takes.

To being committed to YOU,


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: In case you wonder what program I’m in, you can read all about it here. The new round starts next week! 



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