I was thinking about some examples of business bullshit I absolutely can’t stand anymore for the complete fakery and fuckery of it all.

That is, of course, what delivering a program like Real, Ruthless & Raw – busting business bullshit & myths with Maartje & Brigitte does to you 😉

Anyhow, here are two things that came to mind when I was talking with a friend yesterday about realness versus bullshit crap in business:


#1 Doors are closed. For real. So get in NOW!

[Couple of days later or the next day]:

Oh, hang on. Now they’re open again for another 24 hours.

First, the doors close. Fine. Nothing wrong with that. Of course you make sure to let people know loud and clear that the doors to your program close.

Because some people have been postponing their decision to join, and others haven’t even seen your offer yet, so of course, make sure people know it’s now or never.


Then DON’T reopen the doors the next day or a couple of days later with some lame ass ‘reason’ like:

  • A technical glitch made it impossible to sign up;

  • Sooooooo many people were emailing if it was reaaaaallllly too late and if they could please, please, pretty please still join? And maybe you, the reader, was also too late and would like to join? Here you go, taDAAA! Now you can, because we’re open for another 24 hours!

If this is true, sure. No problem.

It CAN be true.

But often it’s a big fat lie and you just feel in your BONES that this ‘spontaneous’ decision to reopen the cart from date X to Y has been on their marketing calendar since October last year.

And you FEEL it, don’t you?

You FEEL it when something is off.

You can’t always put your finger on what exactly is off, but you know something isn’t quite right, and you feel treated like a dumb ass who is only good to fork over money and whatever is needed to get you to do that? They’ll do.


#2 Buying a program filled with promises…that aren’t kept.

I just experienced this myself again recently.

I bought a program (no, I’m not naming names, so you don’t have to email me about this.) that was fluffed up with all kinds of bonuses.

These were good bonuses that were a real asset to the program, like being able to participate in 10 monthly Q&A calls within a year after purchasing the program, for example.

Well, it’s been 5 or so months since I bought the program and I haven’t heard ANYTHING since I bought the program.

They made a lot of promises and kept exactly ZERO of them.

Needless to say that I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from them anymore.

We’ve all been there, right?

I bet you experienced buying something where you were treated like royalty before you forked over your money, but once your money reached their bank account?


As I said, there are MANY more things I CAN’T STAND when it comes to business and marketing and the pure CRAP that’s dumped into the world on a daily basis.

But I’ll leave it at this before I end up with an entire book of bullshit.

I’m already working on one book, no need to add another one just yet, thank you very much 😉

And at the same time, it doesn’t bother me AT ALL – and I actually think it’s GOOD news for you and me.


Because in a world full of assholes, it doesn’t take much to stand out:

  • Be yourself.
  • Be honest.
  • Deliver what you promise.
  • Treat people like actual people.

That’s ALL it takes now to stand out, be noticed, and make your clients happy.

Anything you add to that?

Will make them OVER THE MOON rave about you.

Still, it pisses me off sometimes. And that’s a good thing, too.

It keeps me focused on how I choose to show up in my business and my marketing.

And how I show up and do business, is pretty simple:

True to myself and my values.

Showing up from my soul and from love.

Or, of course, from annoyance or anger.

‘Cause that’s very much part of who I am, too.

How do you choose to show up in your business?

It’s easy for you, too, you know:

Be who you are.

And ditch whatever is not fully aligned with you.

To being & keeping it real,


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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See you there?


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