How does what you do on a daily basis feel to you?

Like ‘work’?

You know, where you like what you do or even love it, but it still remains something you need to do to make money and never really feels like something you’d STILL be doing if money was no issue and all your bills were taken care of.

Or like your soul’s work?

You know, the work that yes, also has it’s challenges sometimes, of COURSE – it’s still part of human life and as such, isn’t always roses and faeries and ice-cream shitting unicorns.

But it’s the work that you WANT to get out of bed for.

It’s what you WANT to do, from the bottom of your heart and the depths of your soul.

It’s SO much more than things you do to make money.

Your soul’s work is the work you’re meant to do.

What you’re supposed to do.

Without, by the way, understanding what that even means.

Meant by whom? Supposed how?

It makes no rational sense, but you FEEL it.

You KNOW when you do things you’re supposed to do – whether in your business or not, whether you get paid for it or not.

And you sure as hell KNOW when you’re NOT doing what you’re supposed to do – whether in business or not, whether you get paid for it or not.

Most people lost touch with their soul’s work, and are NOT fully expressing it in their business.

Because they’re not sure what it even is. And because fears and doubts get in the way.

(Will this work? Can I really make money doing this? Can I really do this? What will people think? Am I good / young / old / experienced / whatever enough? It feels weird. It doesn’t feel comfortable. Etc. etc. etc.)

The first thing to do, is get back in touch with your true desires ON A DAILY BASIS.

Not just once and then leave it at that.

That brings you nowhere.



ACT on the answers you get.

In doing so, your soul’s work will unfold step by step, day by day.

And you’ll feel more joy, excitement and fulfillment right now, too.

Get out your journal, write down one or all of these questions, and write down EVERYTHING that comes up for at least 10 minutes straight.

(Yes, you have 10 minutes somewhere today. Priorities, baby.)

  • What do I most desire to do today? If money was no object and I trusted everything would work out perfectly: what would I most deeply WANT to do?


  • What do I feel inspired to do?

  • What wants to be expressed through me today? And in general?

Just sit, write, notice, feel – and practice to ACT upon the answers that come up.

Repeat daily.

Expect answers to come.

And let go of any expectation or attachment to what kind of answers you want to receive.

That’s how you shift into your soul’s work.

It’s a practice.

It sometimes takes courage.

AND you have EVERYTHING inside you to shift into a soulful business filled with soulful work that, YES, also makes you enough money.

It’s a step by step thing, it doesn’t usually happen overnight, and you’ll ALWAYS be tweaking and feeling and stepping into new things.

But it sure beats going through the motions every day, always feeling that there’s more life to be lived, more inside you to be expressed, more fun to be had, more joy to be felt.

Get in touch with your soul.

Get in touch with who you really are and what you truly want.

And just DO what you feel inside you.

Follow what calls you.

It NEVER steers you wrong!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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