These 3 things are the foundation of a happy, thriving business:



Do what you love.

Do what brings you joy.

REAL love and REAL joy, you know?

The joy, fun & love that you feel in your bones, in your heart, in your soul.

That lights you up like a house on fire – and then some.

That makes you feel giddy and giggly.




Don’t do what you do to please others.

Don’t do it because your clients ask you for a certain program or offer.

Don’t do it to live up to other people’s expectations.


And PLEASE, DON’T do it because you want to ‘help people’.

Sure, your work can totally be about helping people – I mean, I’m a coach so I’m in the ‘helping people’ business myself.

But I don’t do it to help people.

Are you crazy?!

Of course not!!!

I do it because I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Because it fulfills me.

Because it makes me HAPPY to do what I do.


And yes, I help people – but AS A RESULT OR BYPRODUCT of doing what I love and believe in.

So I never feel burnt out.

Or like I’m over giving.

Or feel like it’s hard to live up to expectations or demands.

Because I don’t do what I do for others.

I do it for ME.


(And you know what can happen when you do what you do because you want to ‘help people’?

You then expect something from THEM in return: to be seen. To be appreciated. To be noticed. And sometimes even for your clients to get RESULTS – sure, for their sake, but ALSO to please & validate YOU. And man, does this screw things up big time….and serves NO one…

You want all kinds of things you never ask for and never receive – and sooner or later you feel tired, unappreciated, and unfulfilled as a result.

Because when you do what you do for others only?




Doing what you love and doing it for you won’t get you very far if you don’t ALSO do business in your very own way.

EVERY aspect of it.

Do marketing in ways you like.

Create a schedule that fits YOU.

Work with the people you love, aka your ideal clients.

(And stop trying to reel in anyone else. They’re not your people and you’ll never make each other happy, so forget about it.)

Break rules that don’t fit you.

Screw strategies that aren’t aligned with you.

Be stubborn and relentless as hell when it comes to your truth and what YOU know, deep down, is YOUR way of doing something.

There are just as many ways to do business as there are entrepreneurs.

Listen to your heart and your soul and follow YOUR way. ALL the way.

These 3 basics are the FOUNDATION of my business, my happiness, my results, AND of how I make money.

And it all comes perfectly together in the brand-new program I’m delivering with Maartje Koper:

Real, Ruthless & Raw – busting business bullshit & myths with Maartje & Brigitte.

We both do it because we LOVE it. It comes straight from our souls, is completely inspired, and created with SO much fun & flow.

(Just listen to the recording of us creating this program – you find it on the bottom of this page.

And of course, don’t listen to it to hear our joy, I mean, what do you care about OUR joy? 😉

Listen to it for your own inspiration, to reconnect with your own joy, and to take away nuggets of wisdom that light you up and help you be true to yourself in your business.)

And if you want to feel more of this do what you love & express your soul & feel free to be who you are & make money as a result of all this – vibe?

Surround yourself with likeminded people so you can lift each other UP?

And have the opportunity to ask questions about this or anything else doing-business-your-way-and-be-true-to-your-real-self stuff?

Come play with us in Real, Ruthless & Raw.

We start this Sunday.

And we can’t wait to co-create this program with you!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Let the sales page inspire you – even if you have no intention of joining us.

I’ve heard from several people how reading what the program looks like and/or listening to the audio on that page inspired them so much already.

And of course, if you do want more, by all means: sign up! 😉




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