About a year ago I read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing – a memoir of the craft’.

Within a couple of pages, I was hooked and SUPER inspired:

He wrote not one, not two, but THREE forewords.


OMG! I was over the moon inspired by this.



Because simply by seeing this, I realized how many ‘rules’ on writing a book I unconsciously picked up just by reading books.

Apparently, I thought the ‘rule’ was one foreword per book.


And I didn’t realize I thought this was a rule until I saw someone break it.

Every book I ever read gave me numerous ideas on how books are written –all unconsciously.

And learning about writing in books and programs added some conscious rules on top of that.

Some of these ‘rules’ were helpful, but others?

Were not.

Every book I ever read gave me numerous thoughts on what books are supposed to be like – all unconsciously.

And learning about writing added some conscious rules on top of that.

Some of these ‘rules’ were helpful, but others?

Were actually limiting me.

The same is true for business, and for YOU.

You don’t know ALL that’s limiting you, either.

You unconsciously picked up numerous rules about marketing, business, promotion and sales, just by seeing what others are doing and how they’re doing it every single day.

Add to that the rules you CONSCIOUSLY picked up in business books, programs; and coaching.

Your head is FILLED with rules and ways you think business SHOULD be done – and it limits you in so many ways:

You have a fun idea for a new offer, but you don’t create it because it doesn’t fit in your business model.

You want to write a blog about Y but it’s not related to the main topic of your business, so you don’t write it to not confuse your reader.

You don’t say everything you want to say or exactly how you want to say it in your marketing and on your website (even though deep down, you want to).

You limit yourself all the time because of all the things you think you can’t do, shouldn’t do, aren’t supposed to do, or are scared to do.

Sometimes, you realize that you’re limiting yourself, and you can choose to stop doing that.

But often?

You’re limiting yourself without even knowing it.

So how do you let go of limitations you don’t know you have?

How do you break out of a prison you don’t know you’re in?

By seeking out people who dare do things differently.

By connecting with them and immerse yourself in their energy.

By letting them inspire you to shake off rules and shoulds that are limiting you.

And a GREAT way of doing that, is by joining me in my brand-new upcoming ‘program’:

Real, Ruthless & Raw – busting business bullshit & myths with Maartje & Brigitte.

Check out the sales page – for inspiration on how you can create programs & offers in a totally different way.

(Plus you’ll see how this ‘program’ is not really a program, but something new and fresh.)

Listen to the audio on the bottom of the page:

The recording of the unscripted, unedited call where you can hear exactly how Maartje and I created this program from complete flow and inspiration.

 (As opposed to thinking things through or figuring things out based on what might make money or what you think your clients need or what fits nicely into your business model.)

And while you’re there, sign up for it, too 😉

Immerse yourself in the goldmine of inspiration that will bust some limits you weren’t even aware were holding you back– being a part of Real, Ruthless & Raw will help you strip away layers of bullshit you didn’t even know you were dragging along with you.


Doors are open.

We start in about a week.

And Maartje and I are ready to blow your socks off 😉

See you there?

To shedding bullshit and breaking rules that hold you back,



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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