Maartje and I are having our first of 2 skype calls* about the new program we’re delivering.

We bounced around some fun ideas and now moved on to the more Serious Aspect of creating a new offer: The Sales Page.


Brigitte: “Why don’t we keep it super simple?

Title of the program on top; then underneath it you write something about yourself, like ‘Yo, fuckers, I’m Maartje’…”


Maartje: “Whahahaaahahahaha! Hahahaaaa!”


Brigitte: “…you know, the classic ‘yo fuckers’ -sales page opening…..”


Maartje: “WHAHAHAHAAAAHAAAA! I’m pissing my pants here! Hahahaaaa!”


Brigitte: “…and then underneath that I write a bit about myself, like ‘Yo fuckers, still here? I’m Brigitte and…”


Maartje:“HahahahAAAAahhaaaa! I can’t stop laughing!”


Brigitte: “…and then something about the program followed by: if you like it sign up here, if you don’t, bye; and BAM, sales page done. What do you think?”


Maartje, still laughing: “Yeah, cool, let’s do that.”


IS that really how the sales page turned out?

It might.

We’re both crazy enough for it.

You’ll know early this week when the doors open & the sales page is ready.

Doors to what?

To Real, Ruthless & Raw – busting business bullshit & myths with Maartje & Brigitte


Doors are open now – check it out here.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl



P.S.: * we recorded our second call and posted it on the sales page.

Yep, the real, actual call – unscripted & uncensored.  

You can hear us create the program, completely in flow.  

And we talk about a lot of cool stuff that will inspire you for your own business / marketing / how you show up & what you do and don’t share for sure!

You can listen to it on the bottom of this page.

Scroll all the way down, click play, enjoy!


P.P.S.: How much fun do you generally have in your business?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you (almost) peed your pants?

What fun, cool idea is calling YOU to implement it?

Go for it!!

You don’t get ideas that excite you for no reason at all….



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