My client Maartje recently told me she loves to create programs with others.  

“Who would you love to create a program with?” I asked her.

“YOU!” she said, “what would it take for you to say yes?”


Maartje knows me well.

She KNOWS I prefer to work alone and do my own thing.

I’ve NEVER created a program with someone else.

And if you’d have asked me what the chances were of me EVER doing that, I’d have told you those chances were exactly 0%.



When I read this proposal in her email, instead of “NO” I actually….

…felt YES.


And here we are, a couple of weeks later.

The program is ready; the sales page is being created right now; and the doors open this Monday.

Maartje and I are both super excited about our program.

And if you CRAVE more realness and less bullshit in business / on social media / in marketing / and in people in general as much as we do?

You’re going to LOVE our program, too.


Oh, and the title?

“Real, Ruthless & Raw – busting business bullshit & myths with Maartje & Brigitte.”


Doors are open now…Check it out!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Is there something you want but don’t ask for because you assume the answer will be NO?

Ask anyway.

Worst case, the answer will indeed be no.

Best case, it’s yes.

Just ask!

You never know….

The unexpected happens ALL the time!



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