Last Friday, I shared my book title with you.

(It’s: Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want.)


Yesterday, I felt restless and slightly anxious without knowing what triggered it. The new moon? The solar eclipse? My hormones?

I didn’t know and just let it be.


This morning, that restlessness evolved into FULL BLOWN anxiety that made me break out in a giant river of sweat.

What the FUCK was going on???

Now, the answer was immediately clear:


I DEEPLY regretted sharing my book title already.


(Anxious thoughts ALWAYS shout.)



(OK, I’ll stop shout-writing because it’s tiring to read, but just know that in my mind, these thoughts kept screaming.)


“Right now that’s a fresh and original term that hardly anyone uses yet – I know because I googled it! – but what if everyone and their brother starts using it now!

And then by the time the book is finally done everyone is like ‘meh, unmute your life, what a boring and overused phrase that is, couldn’t she come up with something a LITTLE bit more original?”


Holy shit.

Where did THAT come from?!

I stopped my train of thoughts and asked myself the ONE question to ask when doubts & fears rise up like this:

What’s REALLY going on here?


Because the REAL issue is ALWAYS underneath the surface of whatever you think the problem is.  

So I dove in deep.


Or, actually, I didn’t have to dive in THAT deep, because what got triggered underneath the surface were the same things I uncovered many, many, MANY times before:

That the world isn’t safe for me.

That there is no place for me in this world.

That others can take away what’s mine.

And I am powerless to do anything about it.


Ah. THAT’S what got triggered. Good!

I shifted this, but still didn’t feel calm.

Which can only mean ONE thing:


There’s more crap to clear out.

Indeed there was.

Now, I got to this layer of thoughts:

That I never finish anything.

That I don’t have what it takes to make anything a success.

That I’m too impulsive and should really STOP doing things the moment I feel like doing them and should REALLY start thinking things through more, dammit!


OK. Good. Let’s shift that, too.

So I did.


I STILL didn’t feel calm.


More crap to clear.

This time, I reached the final layer:

That there was just too much pressure now.

That I must rush to finish the book, because I’ve already shared the title.


Plus, of course, it was a bad thing that people already let me know that they love the title.

I mean, now they expect a whole BOOK they love, too!

Can I REALLY deliver that?! Goddamit!


I shifted these stories, too.  

And now, I feel calm again.

My inner work is done.

For now 😉


There will be a next time.

And a next.

And a next.


Or not.

It’s all good.

I know what to do.

So it doesn’t matter.


It’s only fear.

It’s only doubt.

These are only thoughts.

And thoughts have no power over me.

Unless I give them power.


And here’s why I’m sharing all this with you:

Because this process I went through this morning, is the same process YOU go through when you step out of your comfort zone.

When YOU go for what YOU really want.

Your dreams may be different.

Your fears may be different.

Your doubts may be different.


But your way through it is EXACTLY the same:

By going inside.

By LOOKING AT whatever makes you feel anxious, nervous, and scared.

And to remind yourself that it’s only fear.

It’s only doubt.

These are only thoughts.

And thoughts have no power over you.

Unless you give them power.


Don’t let your fears stop you from what you TRULY want.

So: what DO you want?

What do you REALLY want?

And what can you do today to move towards that – if only a teeny, tiny bit?

Do that.

You got this.

You’re capable of much more than you think.


To fully living,

and going for what you REALLY want,

instead of settling for what you think you can get or have the courage for,




P.S.: Yes, the book will help you shift and dismantle your fears & doubts.

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