“I wish clients would just show up like magic. / I wish my friend would support my dream more. / I wish my partner would do this or my kids would act like that or my parents would stop doing this.”


Do you ever say something like that?

I bet you do. We ALL do sometimes.


Here’s the problem with this, though:

You can’t control what others do.

And if you wait for others to do something before YOU can get, feel or experience something you want….

You can wait a loooooooong time.

You gave away your power.

And you’re completely dependent on others.


Take back your power.

Be in charge and in control over the ONLY thing you’re in charge and in control of:



Who do you need to be to get what you want?

What do you need to believe, release, do or let go of?

Be that.

Do that.


Show up as the YOU you truly WANT to be:

The REAL you, in ALL of your power.


Take back the reigns.

Stop waiting for others.

Take a stand for what you want.

Decide it is yours.

And show up as the YOU who KNOWS it’s a done deal.

Even if you don’t believe it yet – show up as if you do anyway.


You’re the boss of your life, baby.

You’re the boss of YOU.

Now act like it.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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