While looking for a different photo (that I didn’t find), I came across this screenshot above that I made well over a year ago.

It’s an update from Louise Hay’s Facebook page.

It feels so perfect for me right now.

So much is shifting on the inside.

I have no idea what outer changes that will lead to.

(Besides the FINAL publishing of the book I’m working on now – and have been working on for ages.

I’ll share more on that process in a blog one of these days. 

I feel my story might be helpful for others who are in the midst of the unfolding of a big ass creative project / your true soul’s work, too.

But that’s for another time.)


For now, I’m sharing this photo with you.

SO many people are going through deep and profound changes right now.

I see it in my clients, too.


You may be going through a similar phase of transformation and (finally) embracing your soul’s true path as well.

It can be scary sometimes.

One moment you feel you’re coming home to yourself, and what you see unfolding is exactly what you’ve always known belongs to you.

The next, you have NO idea what’s happening or where it’s leading to or what you’re supposed to ‘do’ to get there.

You may not be sure where or what ‘there’ even IS.


If that’s what you feel right now, just let those fears and worries flow through you.

Don’t get into it.

Don’t think about it.

And remind yourself:


I’m safe. It’s only change.

You got this!!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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