#1 What I want is far away from me.


#2 When I want to have or achieve more, I have to do more.


#3 More action = more results.


#4 What I want cannot come to me NOW. I have to wait for it.


#5 I need to know HOW to get from where I am to where I want to be or else I can’t get it.


#6 I can’t be fully happy until I received or achieved X. (X being whatever it is you want.)


#7 I can’t fully relax until I get X. And I have to focus on wanting it constantly because if I don’t, it will only drift further away from me.


#8 I need to DO something different when I want to RECEIVE something different.


#9 I can’t move forward until I first overcome this fear / understand what’s keeping me stuck first / get a big breakthrough / learn how to create Facebook ads /  …(fill in whatever you think you need to do, learn, overcome or break through first.)


#10 I’m not sure I have what it takes to get/achieve what I want.


#11 I’m not sure I’m worthy to get what I want.


#12 It’s selfish to want even more when I already have it so good.


#13 I can only get what I want if my partner cooperates / the economy changes / my kids are grown up / my friends all support me / …..(fill in whatever you think you need from others or outside circumstances before you can get what you desire.)





#1 What I want is always (much) closer to me than I think it is.


#2 When I want to have or achieve more, I have to OPEN UP to more first. (Which also always requires me to release or let go of something, too.)


#3 More alignment = more results. Your VIBRATION determines your results. NOT your actions.

(Alignment = how in tune you are with your desires. When what you feel, do, believe, dream about and act on all points in the same direction: of your dream or goal. Alignment = sending out one clear signal instead of multiple, conflicting signals.)


#4 What I want CAN come to me now, IF I believed that…(Explore why you think you can’t have it NOW. Those are the beliefs that keep what you want to receive away from you. Change those, and you’re open to receive. And you’re no longer attached to it arriving today, or tomorrow, or next year. You now KNOW it’s yours and you don’t worry about it anymore.)


#5 I only have to know WHAT I want and WHY I want it. The HOW is up to the universe. All I have to know is what I have to do NOW – and then do that.


#6 If I can’t be happy now WITHOUT having X already, I won’t be happy later when I have it either. I can be happy now AND still want more at the same time.


#7 If I can’t relax now, I won’t be able to relax once I have X either. In fact: the more I relax now, the easier it is to manifest / achieve ANYTHING. (And the better I feel right now.) The more UNattached I am, the faster/easier/stress-free the things I want can come to me.


#8 I need to BE, THINK and FEEL different FIRST when I want to RECEIVE something different. IF I need to DO something different that will be crystal clear for me once I think / feel and AM different first.


#9 I can move forward NOW, and heal/transform/release/learn whatever I need along the way.


#10 If I can dream it, I can achieve it.


#11 I’m worthy of whatever I choose. Period.


#12 It’s perfect to be grateful for what I have AND want even more.


#13 I can always get what I want. I am the ONLY one who determines my results. Nothing or no one outside of me can either manifest for me OR screw up my results. The FORM in which I get what I want might be different than I thought it would take. But the ESSENCE of what I want (love / freedom / creativity / security /happiness etc.) is ALWAYS available to me, regardless of what goes on around and outside of me.



Anything here resonate for you?

If so, explore it.

If you’ve been wondering why you (still) don’t have something yet, you’ve just found at least one reason why.



To letting go of what no longer works,

and embracing what does,


©️Brigitte van Tuijl


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