‘I think I already know the answer,’ one of my private clients emailed me.


‘But just checking to be sure’


And that’s perfect. 


Sometimes it’s helpful to get outside confirmation from a trusted source who can tune into your energy & soul.


I appreciate that myself as well at times.



As long as you put your own truth above anyone else’s opinion or advice.


You can only do that when you KNOW yourself, though.


So that you KNOW when what you feel is your deepest truth.


You KNOW when you’re bullshitting yourself.


You KNOW when your fear is speaking or your intuition is guiding you.

And you KNOW if your inner voice is telling the truth – or if it’s simply repeating things you heard so many times you started to confuse them with your own personal truth.


No, you’re not always sure.


And even when you ARE sure, it can still be reassuring to get other people’s confirmation.


As long as you rely on YOURSELF to know your truth, and act upon it.


Do you know what’s true for you?


Do you know how to recognize your truth?


Do you know when it’s your own inner voice speaking, or when your truth gets tangled up with fears or outside voices & opinions?


If not, practice.


Make it a habit to NOTICE what’s actually going on inside you.


To NOTICE the difference between what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.


To NOTICE the difference between your intuition and your fear.


To NOTICE what you feel and need and desire in general, period.


One of the ways I know that I’m connected to my truth is that I just KNOW, without feeling any need to understand or explain why I take this step or make that decision.


I know how that feels in my body, in my energy, in my feelings and in my mind.


Do YOU recognize when your intuition is speaking to you, sharing its truth with you?


Think back to a time you just KNEW.


HOW did you know?


What did you feel, see, think, smell, sense?


THAT’S how YOU know.


Practice noticing – AND acting upon – your truth more and more and more.


It’s the ONLY way to be true to yourself and carve your own path.


Which IS what you want, right???!!!




To knowing & honoring your truth,


©️Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: On a totally unrelated note:



 It’s happening live next week. (And a recording is available in case you can’t be there live.)


This is for you if you:


* work with people, and you want to be FULLY present for them – WITHOUT draining yourself;


sometimes feel like other people’s energy & emotions ‘stick’ to you, and you want to prevent that from happening (and learn to release it if it happens accidentally anyway);


you want to learn how to stay centered in yourself, no matter what’s going on around you;


you want to learn how to prevent yourself from being drained by (too many) people or too many activities;


and/or if you’re an introvert, sensitive, or intuitive and you want to learn to keep your energy high and no longer feel drained after working with people or social interactions.







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