I know someone who is hilarious in real life.

Absolutely freaking I’m-peeing-my-pants-I’m-laughing-so-hard-right-now-funny.

But when I look at her website, I don’t see that. AT ALL. I don’t see it in her blogs, her newsletter, in ANYTHING.


All I see is a well-adjusted woman who behaves nice, polite, and oh so serious, oh so ‘business-like’ (which ALWAYS means that anything TRULY interesting about someone is totally filtered out.)  

In real life, she’s AMAZING.

But in her business, she’s just another boring, toned down, muted person the world is SO FULL OF already.




I know someone who has revolutionary ideas on how to change things in her field of expertise – changes that are SO IMPORTANT AND NEEDED RIGHT NOW.

But she doesn’t feel ready and she’s scared to speak up ‘cause who knows what happens next?!


And her ideas go to waste, and nothing changes, and no one benefits.

(Until one day she finally lights a fire under her ass and DOES WHAT SHE’S BORN TO DO ALREADY. If that EVER happens.)




I could go on and on with examples like these.

And it makes me fucking sad.


So much potential unfulfilled.

So much blandness and boring and sameness.

So many lives not fully lived, talents not shared, sparkle toned down, messages unspoken.


I’m sad because I know EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS to tone down who you are and to mute your desires and to feel scared shitless about doing the thing you KNOW YOU GOTTA DO and to settle for doing things that don’t TRULY matter to you instead – and ALWAYS feeling that deep frustration that there’s more inside of you that is Just. Not. Coming. Out.






How that feels.



I KNOW how scary it can feel to UNLEASH YOUR SOUL.

I KNOW how hard it can be to strip away those layers of upbringing, of fear, of being muted, unaccepted or unloved for just being you.

I KNOW how painful it is to feel like you can’t be yourself, because it doesn’t feel safe and you’re scared that you’ll end up alone and unloved.

Or how it feels to deeply and irrationally fear that being YOU and speaking your truth can actually get you killed– and no, that doesn’t sound rational, and that most likely statistically won’t happen to white middle class women born in a western country, but it can STILL FUCKING FEEL THAT WAY.



AND I also know this:


  • NOT speaking your truth hurts even more.


  • NOT following your own life’s path is SO MUCH MORE PAINFUL than facing those fears and stripping away those layers of whatever is not YOU.


  • Toning down who you are slowly suffocates your soul.


  • Watering down your message slowly drains LIFE ITSELF out of you.


  • NOT being who you are ALWAYS HURTS MORE than being true to yourself. EVEN when that means that some people don’t understand or even like you anymore. That’s NOT true love or true friendship to begin with, so you might as well cut that out of your life anyway.


  • Being true to yourself is SO MUCH MORE fun and easier than NOT being true to you.


  • Speaking your mind might be scary at first, but then…..it is liberating, empowering, and your soul sighs with relief, a weight is lifted from your shoulders, and it feels like life was black-and-white before and suddenly, there is color, and depth, and there are more sounds and smells and aliveness than you could ever imagine.


  • And if you were wondering when the FUCK your business will finally take off and clients will find you and money will flow? It happens the MOMENT YOU STOP TONING DOWN AND YOU TAKE A STAND FOR WHO YOU ARE AND YOU STOP. SETTLING. FOR. ANYTHING. LESS. THAN. BEING. YOU. TO. THE. MAX.



It can be scary.

I know.


It is SO worth it.

I know that, too.


It is, in fact, the ONLY way to live a complete life.

There’s that little detail, too.


Do YOU. Be YOU. Do what YOU feel called to do. And strip away everything else.

Do it slowly if you like. Take it step by step if you want.

It’s a process and there are ALWAYS deeper layers to uncover.

I’m ALWAYS stripping away anything that’s outdated, no longer serves me, or never even served me to begin with, too.


It’s an ongoing process because you always grow, you always change, and that always brings with it that you leave who you were behind, so you can step into being even MORE you. Into the next level you.




Where can you be even more YOU?

Where do you tone yourself down, adjust yourself to who you think you should be, or do things because you think that’s how it should be done?

Where do you settle, or compromise, or mute what you want, if only slightly?


Where can you free yourself?


Imagine how amazing that would feel…….


Take a step today.

It can be super small.

Small steps get you where you want just like big leaps do.


You’ve waited long enough.


To being YOU!


©️Brigitte van Tuijl


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