Yesterday I wrote a blog how you kill your best business ideas by overcomplicating them.

And how the solution is, to keep things simple.

(You can read that blog here.)


Keeping things simple in your business is, ironically, easier said than done.

There are several reasons for that.


And ALL of these reasons come from fear, doubt, scarcity and lack, like for example:

Worry what other people will think of you when you do this or say that.

Doubting what you’re capable or worthy of.

Thinking that your work can only have value when you’ve struggled at least a little bit to get it done.

Believing that making money is hard, success doesn’t come easy, and you can only achieve more when you DO more.

Taking yourself, your business and your work far too seriously.

Or being super attached to NEEDING a certain outcome.


That’s why so many creative ideas / fun ideas / easy sounding ideas or ‘out there’ ideas – especially the ones having to do with marketing, launching, or creating new offers and content – NEVER see the light of day.

Fear kicks in, doubts chime in, you start worrying and complicating things, and BAM – another great idea is killed.

Bye bye flow.

Hello feeling that everything is just so damn hard.


Like everything else, keeping things simple starts on the inside FIRST: with your mindset & beliefs.

This mindset helps you keep things simple:


#1 Trust yourself.

Trust your instincts.

Trust that you’ll always know what to do, no matter what happens.

(You’ve always eventually known what to throughout your life, right? So rest assured you’ll be able to do that in the future as well.)

Does your idea excite you, light you up, make you smile, and feels like something you want to do?


Follow it.

Trust the idea.

And trust yourself to be able to implement it.


#2 Good enough is good enough.

Fuck perfect.


Striving for perfection only paralyzes you.

Do the best you can do TODAY.

Be the best you can be TODAY.

That’s ALL you EVER have to do.


#3 Implement your idea for the FUN of it.

Let go of your neediness and attachments.

Stop putting so much pressure on that one idea or action to deliver a specific set of results, in a specific way, within a specific time frame.

Results, money, clients, whatever you want or need can come to you in limitless ways, through numerous channels.

Yes, maybe this one idea will get you one new client. Or 5. Or 500.

And maybe it won’t.

That doesn’t mean that your one and only chance to get what you want is now gone and everything is lost.

Of course not!


Stop trying to control the entire universe all the time.

Take your action, follow your inspiration, and let GO.

Don’t think about it anymore. It’s done.

Move on to your next action.

And let the universe do its thing behind the scenes now, OK?



#4 Break the rules whenever you want to.

Is your inspired idea in line with what others are doing or what most business gurus are teaching?

Cool. Do it anyway.

Is your inspired idea COMPLETELY different or exactly what ‘everyone’ says you should never do?

Cool. Do it anyway.

This is YOUR inspired idea.


Which means that this is YOUR best way to get what you want & need.

Stop looking at what others are doing and FOLLOW WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.

Even if that goes against what everyone else does.


#5 Embrace ‘mistakes’ & ‘failure’.

Some ideas get you great results.

Some ideas don’t do anything for your bottom line.

So what?

Use what you’ve learned to do better next time.

There is ALWAYS something that made implementing this idea worthwhile – even when you didn’t get what you wanted.


And please, remember that your worth as a human being has NOTHING to do with your results!!

More success doesn’t make you a better person.

Less success doesn’t make you a lesser person.

Making a mistake doesn’t make you a loser.

Failing to achieve a certain result does NOT mean you failed as a human being.


When you make a mistake, just correct it.

When one thing doesn’t work out, move on to the next thing.

No big deal.


I realized this morning that I COMPLETELY forgot a crucial bit of information on the sales page for my new workshop ‘Master Your Energy’

The results!

Classic mistake. One I often point out to my own clients. And now I FORGOT it myself!


When I thought about it this morning, I just laughed. And then added the results.


I COULD have thought that it was stupid, and dumb, and I shouldn’t rush into things, and I need to pay more attention to details from now on, and yadayada blabla bullshitbullshit.

But I don’t think that. Not anymore 😉


I forgot. So what?

I checked if there’s a lesson in it first, and added the missing copy next.


And moving on.



There you go, baby. A big chunk of the mindset of keeping things simple and lightening up in general.

What jumped out for you or triggered you?

Take some time to reflect on that.

That’s your place to start to allow more simplicity, more light, and more flow in your business & life.


To keeping it simple!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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