You know how sometimes inspiration hits, you get a great idea and think:

Oh wow! Cool! Let’s do it!


And then 5 minutes later you think:

Well….yeah, but….how can I do THIS? And how can I do THAT? Oh man, forget it.

It’s too much work.

Just thinking about it overwhelms me already.

Not gonna do it.


Idea killed.

I see this happen to my 1-1 clients all the time.

Or correction: it’s not something that happens TO you.

It’s something you totally create yourself.


Just like I created this inner chaos myself last week, and almostkilled my inspired idea.

After visiting a music festival, I came home pooped & peopled out.

(See picture below. I took it right after I came home to post my pooped out, thank fuck I’m home again-face on Instagram.)


No problem, though.

Thanks to being a hermit plus super sensitive plus highly intuitive, I know a thing or 2 about mastering my energy & recharging again.


And I suddenly realized this:

Hang on.

Millions of women have the same thing. Women who are introverts, sensitives, and/or intuitives like me.

And basically ALL women entrepreneurs who work with people, too – this is NOT only an introvert thing.


I mean, we ALL have a point where, when we reach it, we feel drained, and really need to recharge again before we’re ready to go out into the world or work with our next client.

And over the past 15 years, I taught about 90% of my 1-1 clients how to master their energy, too.


[💡💡💡Inspired idea lands in head💡💡💡]:

Soooo…..why don’t I create a workshop or masterclass around that?

Yes! Cool!

I was enthusiastic, the idea felt easy and fun and like YEAH, BABY, LET’S DO THIS!


Then, I started complicated things.  

Which sounded like this (and if you’ve ever killed one of your own business ideas, you can probably relate to this, too):

Well, yeah, but it’s much more work and takes much more time than just delivering that workshop.

I need a sales page. Write copy for it. And then my team needs to create the page.

Oh, and I need to come up with a good price.

And, oh, yeah, it needs to be launched and promoted as well.

Oh, man, that’s gonna take soooo much time.

That I don’t have! I’ve got a book to finish! Which is my priority now!


But JUST before I killed my idea, I realized this:

Hang on.

Why am I complicating this?

What if I keep it SUPER simple?


What if:

  • I deliver the workshop as a summer bonus to the women in my Divinely Selfish Community? I already have a price for that. And the back-end stuff is already set up.


  • And I just whip up some sales copy and slap it on a page on my website myself? So what if it doesn’t look super fancy & pretty? As long as people know what it is and who it’s for…that’s all you really need.


  • And launching it, well, jeez, that’s not a big deal either. I just write some shit and send some emails or something. I’ll just follow my inspiration.


  • You know, I’m just gonna do it. It feels good, it sounds like fun, I KNOW it has super value and a lot of women want to know what I can teach them about this. It serves the women who are already in the Divinely Selfish Community. If more women sign up for that so they can benefit from this workshop, too? Cool! If not? So what? The workshop still has super value for the women currently in the community. So it’s worth it no matter what.



NOW, it felt easy, simple, in flow and like FUN again.

I whipped up some sales copy yesterday and slapped it on a page on my website myself.


No, it’s not a fancy looking, pretty sales page.  

But so what?

The topic & content either speak to you, or not.

A fancy schmancy page will NOT make someone sign up who is NOT interested in the topic.


If learning to master your energy so you don’t feel drained anymore speaks to you?

OR if you just want to check out just how ugly this page actually is?

Check it out here.


There’s more to not killing your ideas than being aware how you do that, though. 

There’s also the MINDSET and ENERGY behind keeping things simple.

Keeping it simple sounds easy, but strangely enough, complicating things is often easier. Or happens almost automatically.

You can read those tips in this blog  – they will help YOU keep things simple in your business too.


To implementing your inspired (business) ideas with ease & keeping it simple, baby!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: And check out my workshop ‘Master Your Energy’if you sometimes feel drained or peopled out as well.

And/or if you work with people, and want to serve them as best you can WITHOUT draining yourself in the process.

You can read all about it on my unpretty sales page here. 

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