Here’s a question I regularly ask my 1-1 clients:

Does this feel 100% perfect?

(Or: is it a 100% YES.

Or: does this resonate with you 100%)


Here’s what this question does:

* It connects you to what you TRULY want.

* It shows you where you tend to settle for less.

* It shows you the limiting beliefs you have that make you think you cannot have, do or be something – for whatever reason.

* It makes you aware of where you ask for too little, expect too little, or don’t take a stand for yourself.

* It shows you where you make yourself smaller.

* It shows you where you let others or circumstances determine your happiness & results, instead of taking responsibility for that yourself.


Are your business & life a 100% YES!!!! for you right now?

If not, what’s the first thing that comes to mind that needs to change?


You may not always get the 100%.

But if you don’t even know what that looks like OR settle for less to begin with, you sure as hell won’t get it.

Get honest & clear on your TRUE desires.


And practice going for the ultimate, the best, the ideal.

If you don’t get that after all, so what?

You never know until you go for it.

And……. what if you DO get it????


The more you expect, the more you can get.

The higher you aim, the more becomes possible.


“Shoot for the moon

Even if you miss it

You will land

Among the stars”

— Les Brown



Shoot for the moon, baby.

Go for the 100%.

IF you need to settle, you can always do that later.

Just don’t start there.


To 100%, baby!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: My upcoming book is all about getting clear on your TRUE dream(s) for your business & life;

why most people settle for less than that; and, of course, what you need to not just get clear on what you TRULY want – but to GO for it, too!

Keep an eye out for it if this speaks to you…

It’ll be published this summer!


P.P.S.: Already know what you TRULY want, and want top-notch support to actually GO for it, too?

I have one opening for 1-1 coaching left.

You can read all about it here, and apply for a spot if it feels like a 100% YES! for you.


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