I was waiting for 3 emails.


Purchased something and the order didn’t go through.


Waited for the plumber who didn’t show up.


I struggled with a chapter in my book and could NOT put my finger on what exactly was off with it.


All of this, of course, was the result of some inner unrest I was not facing.


I was resisting something for sure, and trying to distract myself from it by getting hung up on all these stupid details.


✨✨✨No flow anywhere.✨✨✨


I know what to do when that happens. 


I just wasn’t doing it.


Until one of my private clients emailed me about a struggle SHE was going through now.


And when I wrote back what I strongly felt she needed to do right now, I instantly knew this applied to me, too:




Which does NOT mean to give up or give in.


Which does NOT mean to just plunk your ass on the couch, stuff a bag of chips in your face, and do nothing at all for the rest of the day.


It means to STOP resisting what IS.


To get out of your head and back into your heart.


To feel into what’s really going on, and what really needs your attention right now.


To be present in this moment, and BE with that.


Without trying to force it to be a certain way or to get a certain result or to get that result STAT.



OK,  I said to myself.


Whatever I’m doing right now is clearly not working, so I might as well surrender.


Let’s do that right now.


Which I did.


And within 5 minutes, I kid you not:


– the emails I was waiting for arrived;


– the doorbell rang: the plumber was here;


– I got an email about the failed order, and it was all fixed within minutes.


– and NO, I’m still not clear on that chapter of my book. BUT now that I’m present again, I can feel that I need to make changes to another chapter first, and THEN this one will fall into place.


Surrender, baby.


It’s magical.




But ONLY if you let go for real, and you’re not trying to fake it to get the result you were waiting for NOW.


Nope. That does NOT work – and you know it 😉



What can you stop fretting over now?


Where and what are you resisting?


What and where can you surrender?




Let go.




Without being attached to what will happen next.


It opens you up & makes you feel better right now for sure!



©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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