STOP trying to improve yourself.

Want to improve your results? Sure.

Your physical condition? Go for it!

The level of mastery in your craft? Hell, yeah!


But there’s no need to try and improve who you truly are.


You’re already whole.

You’re already healed.

You’re already enough.


If you want to grow into a better version of you, you need not improve a single thing.

Just lean more into who you already are.

Allow more of your soul to shine through.

Share your deepest truths.

Show us your divine brilliance.

Be more YOU.

Stop hiding your true self.

Be who you really ARE.

And let go of EVERYTHING that’s not YOU.


Be true to YOU.

It really is ALL you to do to feel happy & fulfilled with who you are & what you do.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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