It’s easy to feel discouraged, down or deflated about the state of today’s world.


I made the mistake of reading some regular mainstream ‘news’ just now, and had to really pull myself back out of it.

This is why I don’t normally watch the ‘news’ or read regular ‘newspapers’:

Those ONLY show messages that reflect fear, division, war, violence, and basically everything that’s ‘wrong’ with the world.

Fear and negativity sell, and if it’s not negative, it’s not newsworthy – besides a little fun, light news item every now and then about a woman saving a drowning bear or something like that.


I’m not saying to completely ignore what’s going on the world.

Absolutely not!


There’s no point in saturating yourself in the same articles over and over.

You only have to read something once – you don’t have to keep reading it over and over.


You don’t have to drown yourself in any of it.

AND it’s important to ALWAYS continue to think for yourself, consider the source (and who’s behind it & what it’s agenda is) to remain critical and to check facts in so far that’s possible.

And yes, I DID have to remind myself of all of this right now, after reading about something I’m not going to repeat here, because I choose to not contribute to the further spreading of shit & fear.


I don’t have any definite answers or solutions.

I can only tell you what I personally do to keep my energy high & how I maintain to feel good about myself AND this world:


#1 Please remember that mainstream ‘news’ only covers a VERY small, VERY biased view of what’s going on in the world.

There IS A TON OF GOOD going on in the world.

You just have to ACTIVELY look for it yourself.

So do that.

Look for it.

There are plenty of good sources that show you everything that is right in the world RIGHT NOW.

For example The Optimist:


#2 Take a stand for the kind of world you choose to live in – and ACT ACCORDINGLY.

You want to live in a world where people are kinder?

Be kinder yourself.

You want to live in a more sustainable, durable world where we treat the planet with more respect?

Recycle. Buy as much organic and eco friendly food / cleaning detergents / clothes / etc. as you can.

You want to live in a world where people feel free to be who they are?

Be true to yourself more than ever before. And stop trying others to change to accommodate you.


Buy from businesses you like and believe in.

Put your money in a bank that shares your values.

(Like Triodos in The Netherlands, for example.)

Put your money where your heart is wherever you can.


You have REAL power.

Your actions, your energy, EVERY single thing you do MATTERS and makes a difference.

It’s completely up to YOU what kind of difference it makes.


What world do you choose to live in?

Act on that.


That being said, I’m going out to recycle my old paper & plastic.

And when I get back, I’m making a new micro-loan on Kiva, to support a woman somewhere on this planet to help her manifest something she needs or wants.


What kind of world do YOU choose to live in?

And how can you contribute to that in all the ‘little’ and ‘big’ things of everyday life?

Together we got this, babe 😉


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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