Whatever you dream of or want to manifest next:


You need to make space for it IN YOUR MIND first.

Who you think you are, what you think you’re worthy & capable of, and what you think is possible for you, is what brought you to EXACTLY where you are today.

Is what determines EXACTLY what you’re able to receive and let in – UNTIL NOW.


If you want something different, something new, something more?

You have to make space for it IN YOUR MIND FIRST.

You have to stretch or delete the limits you imposed on yourself.

You have to let go of what you used to believe is possible for you.

You have to let go of what you used to believe you’re worthy of.

You have to let go of what you used to believe you’re capable of.

You have to let go of what you used to believe is possible in general, period.

And open your mind to more.


Step out of the cage you put yourself in.

The new is here and is already available for you.

You’re thinking of it, dreaming of it, wishing for it, aren’t you?

You’re doing that because a part of you already senses it’s yours.

It’s available.

And it’s within your reach NOW.


So open up to it.

Make space for it by letting go of ANY thoughts of why you can’t have it or won’t get it.




Once you make space for what you want on the INSIDE, it WILL eventually show up on the OUTSIDE, too.

What old way of being or thinking can you let go of now?

And what becomes possible for you when you do?


Uncage yourself, babe.

It’s time.


© Brigitte van Tuijl


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