Sometimes you feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or sad.

That’s normal.

To feel emotions & feelings is human.

Don’t suppress them.

Don’t avoid them.

Don’t pretend they’re not there.

Don’t distract yourself by overeating or whatever else you can think of to take you as far away from this moment, this feeling, this body right now.


Don’t love-and-light them away as if your feelings aren’t there or aren’t ‘spiritual’.

(“Oh, there’s only love and light, so I feel GOOD now!”)

Fuck that.

Your emotions are normal.

Your emotions are real.

You’re human, baby.

They’re part of you and of life.

So what DO you do with them?

First of all, remind yourself that you are not your emotions.

You’re experiencing them.

But you are not your emotions.

And second of all, feel them.

Feel them completely, fully and totally.

When you do, the emotion releases YOU.

(And you can get its message, if it has a message for you.)

To being human AND spiritual, and not using one to suppress the other,

©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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