“Is it that simple? Really?!?

One of my private clients emailed me this, after I helped her get clear on her own personal manifesting success recipe.

I asked her how she created her latest win, and after a couple of emails back & forth, I found the magic in her process.

“Cool! And congratulations!” I wrote, and added “This is your personal manifesting secret! Do more of this, and you’ll manifest even more with more ease.”

She emailed me right back asking if it could really be THAT simple.



If you LET it be simple.

That’s what many people don’t do.

Because they’re addicted to making things complicated.

Or because they think that manifesting is difficult, takes a lot of time, or requires several different steps & rituals & hoopla.

Some people also believe things don’t have value until you struggled to get it.

(A very common belief our entire western society is very attached to, by the way.)
These beliefs probably rubbed off on you, too.

And as a result, you dismiss everything that seems to be too simple to be true.

How can anything simple have value?

How can anything simple lead to real, solid, tangible results?

It can.

If you LET it be simple.

If you let go of the idea that you can’t achieve anything worthwhile if the way to achieve it is not hard, painful, uncomfortable or complex.

If you let go of the idea that things that come easy, will go easy, too.

(Why the fuck would that be true anyway??)

If you like complexity and enjoy making things harder than they should be:

Carry on.

If, however, you crave more simplicity in your business & life, answer these questions:

How willing am I to LET it be simple?

How can I allow more simplicity into my business & life?

How can I let this be simple?

Simplicity rocks.

It can bring you EVERYTHING – if only you LET it.

To keeping it simple, baby!

©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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