Every creation has a flow of its own that you have little to no say in.

You can want, will or force it to go faster – but it only will follow your lead if that’s in alignment with its own pace.

I notice this again in reading through the first draft of my book.

I already printed it on Thursday, and thought I’d read through it on Friday.

That didn’t happen.

I was sick on Friday, and this weekend, it didn’t feel like the right time to start reading.

Yesterday it finally felt like the right time.

So I started reading, and figured I’d finish the entire draft in one sitting.


Even though I’m only reading through it to get a feel of the overal flow of the book, and I’m not paying any attention to what needs editing or rewriting yet, I still didn’t manage to read more than about 1/3 of the draft.

It felt like I was processing ideas while I was reading – without even knowing what ideas they were.

It is what it is, and I just flow with it.

Yes, I have a deadline, and yes, I’m motivated to make it.


I know better than to force or push through something that’s simply not ready yet.

There’s my timing. And then there’s divine timing. Or nature’s timing. Or the book’s timing. Whomever’s timing it is: it’s not mine 🙂


How about you?

Are you trying to push through something that’s not ‘there’ yet?

Does it need more time to ripen, grow, and gain strength before it’s ready to be birthed into the world?

Ask yourself:

Am I resisting to work on it and move forward to the next phase of this creation?

Or is it simply not the right time to take action on this now?

Notice what comes up. Feel into what’s true for you.

Be honest.

And listen and act on your truth.


I’m reading through more of my draft today.

How far I will get?

I have no idea.

I follow whatever feels right in each moment.

Whatever pace the book dictates: I follow it.

Creation, baby.

It’s magic and mysterious and you can’t fully control it. 


To magic!


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl

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